It’s ridiculous to criticize BLACKPINK for having the image of celebrities rather than singers

Among K-pop idols, BLACKPINK’s tour scale is the largest

1. Look at BLACKPINK fans dragging other idols and bashing them again

2. Tourㅋㅋ.. NewJeans hasn’t even started yet and the BTS tour was from 5 years ago in 2018/19.. It’s just.. You shouldn’t have posted this and hoped the idols’ fans others praise BLACKPINK

-> No, that’s actual data from the K-pop tour

3. The comments are ridiculous.. It seems like even if they die they don’t want to admit it..

4. You guys feel inferiority complex..ㅠ

5. What’s going on?… They really hate that BLACKPINK is #1

6. BLACKPINK also went on the stadium tour?

7. No, what does BLACKPINK ranking 1st have to do with other idols? I guess you don’t like the fact that BLACKPINK ranked 1st even if you die

8. Why are you guys talking about NewJeans here?

9. Those are just the results of BLACKPINK’s tour, so what’s wrong with this post?

10. BLACKPINK always does their job well

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