It’s shocking that BLACKPINK didn’t get #1 on Melon daily this year

This year is the revival of female idols, so there are a lot of female idols who got #1

[+148, -128]

1. [+94, -47] They made hundreds of billions of dollars just from concerts, but are you saying that BLACKPINK’s popularity is dwindling?ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+82, -44] The generation of idols has changed

3. [+80, -19] BLACKPINK ‘Bone Pink’ was released in less than two months, surpassing 700 million streams on Sporty. If you are YG, are you interested in the domestic music chart?

4. [+59, -7] I hope you are happy with 500,000 listeners on Melon!

5. [+58, -29] Looks like BLACKPINK is also going downhill…

6. [+43, -23] They want to be Southeast Asian singers now

7. [+22, -7] Okay… TWICE is the best so stop it now

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Bts and their multiple solo debut didn’t either lol


Twice hasn’t either for ages

WhatsThe Point

Y’all blinks keep talking abt BTS and when armys rightfully drag y’all, it’s all victim card

Grace Walker

BTS, does not need to chart on Melon, they are on another level.


Now sir… why set your faves up like that???

The list of things BTS has accomplished that Hagpink NEVER will is embarrassing. You can start with 6 number ones on hot 100 and three times Grammy nominated and follow it up with daesangs sweeps let alone a daesangs at all. Y’all literally hate them fads.


They’re the Queens of Spotify 😎💅, they don’t need this little chart that only one country use and btw is rigged 🤭

But I wasn’t done…

Lol now home country achievements don’t matter. The plot is lost.


You stan bts now lets compare their solo home country achievements first

But I wasn’t done…

Comparing your hags to bts will never not be embarrassing. Stop setting up your knot knees bimbos


Do they realise how much manipulation Starship has done the past few years, but especially this year? And the fact that IVE of all people were the ones preventing Blackpink from getting a PAK.. Lesserafim lost a member due to Starship, NewJeans were ignored after a while because of the negative articles from Starship about them, ITZY also had negative articles and were ignored on the charts..

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