It’s shocking that these NewJeans songs didn’t get #1 on the daily Melon chart

#1 tracks

Attention – The first girl group debut song at #1 since BLACKPINK did it 6 years prior

Ditto – #1 for 99 days

Super Shy – #1 for 46 days, peaked at 66 on Billboard HOT 100


2 tracks

Hype Boy

OMG – Remained on Billboard HOT 100 for 6 weeks but always at #2 on Melon because of Ditto

ETA – #2 on Melon because of Super Shy

1. I like the rank 2 tracks better

2. I love Hype Boy, OMG, and ETA

3. Attention is the identity and foundation of NewJeans

4. Wow, but all the songs are good, NewJeans is crazy

5. I think NewJeans is just really amazing

6. Hype Boy didn’t get the #1?

7. I can’t believe they achieved this in just a year

8. All their songs are good, they all deserve to be at #1

9. I like all the songs. NewJeans is awesome

10. I personally like all the tracks at number 2

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