“It’s the era of HYBE” HYBE idols dominate the top 10 of Melon Top 100

Wow, look at the names in the top 9 of Melon Top 100


1. Wow HYBE

2. HYBE is daebakㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. What’s going on with HYBE?

4. Look at HYBE’s shares… They’re crazy

5. HYBE idols fighting!!!! (A fan of HYBE idols passing by)

6. Bang Si Hyuk will be so happy

7. HYBE is amazing

8. Except for Younha and Taeyang, everything is HYBE, and Taeyang’s song also features Jimin

9. I can hear Bang Si Hyuk’s laughter from here

10. I can see the corner of Bang Si Hyuk’s mouth turning up

11. Wow, seriously HYBE is the one top…

12. I don’t use Melon, but Genie is the same

13. It’s HYBE’s partyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

14. Wow it’s the era of HYBE

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Hmmm..I know many artists so popular in Melon. But that doesn’t mean equal big success. Melon is not the only standard. Album sales and concerts gives more direct revenue to the company. Hybe is lucky many of their artists are on top the album sales and concerts are pretty good for other artists aside from bts.


HYBE not only korean digital charts but literally dominating everywhere. Look at the highest top 20 album sales record in the korean history. 13 of them are all HYBE artists. NewJeans the fastest million seller in the history. Le sserafim soon to be 2nd fastest. Look at the billboard chart. Hot 100 – It’s HYBE. Billboard 200 – again HYBE. They earn most with concert. Enhypen is only 2 years old, already did 55k capacity kyocera dome concert for 2 days straight which is faster than anyone in the history. They are insane!


Lesserafim is already a million seller, they reached it in october o 2022, and became the fastest gg to do so (178 days)


No, New jeans only


txt lsf & bts are there 😂
get your eyes checked dummy


And seventeen


Sis, Seventeen is the 2nd highest album seller in korean history. Their digital is extremely good, also they are many daesang winner already.

TXT fastest group to land number #1 at billboard 200 chart. Literally the only 4th gen boy group who charts well. Their whole album charted melon top10.

Enhypen being only 2 years old, already sold more than 6 million album copies. Fastest and youngest to ever hold concert at kyocera dome (55k capacity), many bonsang winner.

Le sserafim is the highest selling kpop girl group in japan, even surpassed twice, HKT48. Ranked #1 on oricon, and billboard japan hot 100. Antifragile still charting inside top10 after 4 months. They are soon to be 2nd fastest million seller (antifragile album -930k copies sold).

NewJeans – do i even have to tell!? You know their power already. And BTS is legend in one word. These 2 are almost untouchable.


actually suspicious. Notice how all of their artists, even artists from their subsidiary, suddenly charting so well in KR and Spotify? this is AFTER BTS’ ”hiatus” announcement it seems HYBE is going hard on the payolas and streaming farm this time so they could replace their main money maker

It is what it is

I think it’s both. TXT’s sale and streams go hand and hand bc their fandom is growing but NJs streams? Yeah, I’ll say that’s some payola involved

U Spicy Fck

idc abt NJS but TXT and 17 have stable korean fanbase and lots of international fans :v they’re not suddenly charting so well in KR and Spotify


Or, and stick with me here, people like the music because it’s actually on trend. Lmao


I can give reason why other company dont chart well but I will focus in hybe. Atleast their digital and album sales are matching, for the girlgroup one their popularity among gp are obvious. So if you are going to accuss them atleast bring solid proof


i hope the other companies stop flopping because their stans are losing it out of jealousy for hybe idols’ success lol


txt and svt only started charting well after le sserafim and newjeans did lol


not really txt have been good at digital for a bg for a while now


Seventeen was actually very successful in charts since debut, and txt hited more and more every time


svt have been doing well since their rookie years lol. they are the 3rd most streamed idol group in melon history


Antifragile is do stable, I’m very happy for them

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