“It’s weird that Big Bang appeared on BTS’s show” Netizens talk about BTS Suga ‘Suchwita’ guest EP.3

BTS Suga ‘Suchwita’ guest EP.3

January 18

1. Why is our Suga so cute?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. I really like Yoongiㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s weird that Big Bang appeared on BTS’s showㅋㅋ

3. Wow, Suga’s hands are so pretty

4. I’m not even a fan of Big Bang, but I recognized Taeyang right away

5. Yoongi is so cute

6. Well, it’s Taeyang.. I heard that he was famous for liking Big Bang since BTS was a rookie

7. No, but look at our Yoongi’s smile!!!!!

8. Yoongi’s mood is so good

9. BTS members have said that Big Bang has been their role model since their debut days

10. Suga’s reaction is so cute

11. I don’t know who he is, but I think his last name is Dong

12. I like Suga too, and I really like Taeyang, but Yoongi also likes Taeyang.. daebak

13. Suga becomes cute in front of sunbaenim ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

14. Min Yoongi, why are you so shy?

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bc they are your idols to follow I guess


BTS is the nicest, kindest, humble idol/musician in korean music industry. They are the real proof that when u succeed, those who despise u will seek to be with u.


Burning-Sun-Bang sure is trying hard clinging to BTS for relevancy recently. If BTS didn’t give the ick before they certainly do now helping to try and wash the burning sun group’s image clean.

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BTS Taehyung used to go at Burning Sun with madam jung lah


Bts is such a good ppl🤷


why? they’re bigger than big bang ever were and still choose to hang and collaborate with the druggies and criminals


He had a collab with a bts member before so it’s normal for him to appear on the show. Some talk as if BTS is hanging out with them all the time. Stop exaggerating now!

WhatsThe Point

BTS named criminal bang as one of their role models once and all kpop stans and VIPs hang onto it. Y’all don’t do this to other artists that BTS have genuinely looked up to, Coldplay, tablo, drunken tiger jk (epik high in general
), Aeon, Warren g, jcole?
In fact BTS didn’t even namedrop bb in hip hop phile as their role model


Meanwhile jhope named this collab on his story as “dream collab” lmao


Thanks to taeyang who have to wait for 2 years for collab 😘 Even Teddy recognize BTS impact. Enjoy your Dynamite moment 🥰🥰


Worry about lgo, ptd & ytc not having that dynamite moment instead🥰🥰

Lazy Banana

Your favs I’m sure can only dream of having an LGO, PTD, YTC moment, too bad it won’t be a reality 🥰


Are you talking about Life goes on the only song in Korean to reach #1 on Hot 100? Or Permission to dance which also debuted at #1 on the Hot 100? And Yet to come the first Korean song to get a Grammy nomination for best music video? Kpopies are getting weirder and dumber every day. 


Why we should worry. “Our hardwork” is paid off. Stay healthy Guest.


Thanks God, it’s Taeyang. The only remaining member of that group who still hasn’t touched by any scandal till now. Eventho I’m not his fans, but I like him, I like his voice, I like his songs.



Last edited 16 days ago by Lila

BTS stopped naming BB in 2016 when their stupid fans attacked Taehyung just for singing a song of theirs while receiving an award. If Suga invited this man it was because of Jimin, the members are very supportive of each other. Don’t think for a second that it was because of BB, BTS doesn’t give a damn about that group. 


“BTS members have said that Big Bang has been their role model since their debut days”

Yes we can tell till now lol. No wonder Taehyung used to go at Burning Sun.

Hi, I'm Guest

You, when you can’t separate illusion & reality 😌


nice, hanging out with druggies

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