ITZY Lia got plastic surgery?

ITZY Lia did her nose

On ‘Look, My Shoulder’s Dislocated’, when Lia came out, I realized that her nose was a bit different

Looks like her nose’ height rised up



[+595, -36]

1. [+438, -4] I’m curious, why did she do it? Her profile is already pretty. For me, Yeji and Lia are the 2 top prettiest profiles in ITZY by my standards

2. [+384, -1] No, but her previous nose was already pretty, why did she do it? I’m speechless

3. [+363, -1] I thought it was a troll post, but it’s true..?

4. [+356, -2] She looked natural and pretty before

5. [+186, -4] Why did she do it? It doesn’t even have a big difference from before

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