ITZY Yuna shocks everyone with her face and body in Miu Miu dress at the airport

ITZY Yuna’s departure pictures in Miu Miu dress in real time…

1. Daebak, her body is crazy

2. Wow, I’m sure she’s from a different race than me

3. Her face and body are the best ㅠㅠ

4. Wow.. She’s more perfect than a mannequin

5. I don’t think Yuna is human, right?

6. Her body line is really pretty,,, She looks like a mannequin

7. The dress suits her so well

8. I’m jealous of her body, she’s seriously pretty

9. What happened to her face in the last picture?;;;: She doesn’t seem human

10. I’m really jealous of Yuna’s body

11. She looks like a doll

12. Her body line is amazing, but her face is even better, so I can only see her face

13. Although she has a pretty face, I envy her body more than her face

14. Among female idols, her hips are the prettiest, crazy ㅠㅠ

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