ITZY’s outfits at Jamboree concert are getting good responses

The full stage version (Lia was absent because she was sick)



1. Hul, I really like their stage. They worked so hard

2. This time Ryujin and Yeji are so pretty

3. ITZY performed well on stage and their outfits are pretty too

4. They are so pretty today

5. Their outfits are pretty, the stage is pretty too

6. Their stage, clothes and faces are the best today

7. Their outfits are perfect and the stage is great

8. They are really pretty and perform well on stage

9. They’re all pretty and good at dancing

10. Everyone is so pretty ㅠㅠㅠ They worked hard

11. Chaeryeong’s ponytail is so pretty and she looks so pretty

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