ITZY’s university festival stage that performed live recently

They performed 5 songs live while dancing like this

They looked so excited

Kyung Hee University

Dongguk University

Chung-Ang University

1. Wow their live is amazing

2. I’m really proud of them.. Their live performances are amazing

3. Of course, I know that they are good at performing live, but they always do better than expected!

4. Other groups lip-sync at the festival..? I’m so proud of them

5. Wow they are really talented

6. I didn’t think about it, but after watching the videos, I felt they were the girl group that suited the university festival better than anyone else

7. But are there singers who lip-sync at the festival??

8. I watched a lot of college festivals, but Mamamoo and ITZY were the girl groups that did the best

9. ITZY is already famous for their live performances

10. ITZY is so good and Yuna is so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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