IVE An Yujin’s shocking choreography that is attracting reactions

The choreography of IVE An Yujin that is receiving good responses from fans…

1. An Yujin is really so good

2. Her knees must be really painful ㅠㅠ An Yujin seems to be a good dancer

3. I really like An Yujin’s ponytail hairstyle

4. An Yujin uses her pelvis so well

5. Wow, I confused her with Jang Wonyoung for a moment. I never thought these two were alike, but they look alike in those videos

6. Yujin’s choreography is always good and she dances so smoothly

7. He dances and sings well, so he gets everyone’s attention

8. An Yujin is really good at both singing and dancing

9. She’s good on stage and she’s also good at performing live

10. Wow, An Yujin is really good on stage

11. I’m really jealous of how well she uses her body, daebak

12. An Yujin sings live so well

13. After going on tour, it seems like her skills have improved

14. It seems like she’s really good at everything

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