IVE An Yujin’s visuals when she was spotted filming Running Man in real time

IVE An Yujin films Running Man in real time

Just look at the height here

Running Man, with guests An Yujin and Rei, is scheduled to air on the 19th

1. But does it rain in Seoul?

2. The 4th photo is so beautiful…

3. Hul, she’s just a celebrity

4. She looks elegant, but I think she would look really classy in real life;

5. The baby photo is so cute

6. I want to marry her

7. She’s super pretty

8. Hul she’s so pretty, she’s the prettiest with long hair

9. Today, she looks more like an actress than an idol. She’s so pretty

10. F*cking pretty

11. Yujin is so tall and pretty

12. She looks like a child model in her baby photo

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