IVE ‘HEYA’ line distribution is attracting reactions

IVE ‘HEYA’ line distribution

There are some differences between channels so I’ve included the top three videos

1. I really like Liz’s voice

2. There are a lot of Liz parts so the song is definitely great to listen to

3. It is normal for a kid who sings well to sing the most parts

4. The song would be better if Liz had more parts. Liz’s voice is so good

5. It’s true that the song becomes more interesting to listen to because there are more parts of Liz

6. I know these three people, Jang Wonyoung, An Yujin and Liz, but I’m a bit confused as to who the rest are

7. I’m really glad that Liz did so well and the other members did their parts so well

8. Liz’s voice is perfect for this song

9. It’s natural for members who sing well to get many parts

10. Liz is really good. Of course she’s going to get a lot of parts

11. If you watch the reaction videos, they all seemed ecstatic about Liz’s voice

12. Liz’s explosion is coming

13. Just looking at the MV, you can see that Liz’s part has increased

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