IVE is going to Tokyo Dome like Aespa and NewJeans even though they are from a small to medium company

IVE World Tour – Tokyo Dome

September 4 and 5

1. Wow IVE is amazing

2. Aren’t Aespa, IVE, NewJeans, 4th generation female idols, entering Tokyo Dome?

3. Congratulations to IVE!

4. Wow, that’s a huge hit. Even I, who don’t know much about Japan, know that it is so difficult for a female idol to enter Tokyo Dome

5. Isn’t this the first girl group from a small to medium company since Kara?

6. Wow, it’s nice that female idols are doing well

7. I heard that they are so popular in Japan

8. I heard that they’re on a world tour and they’re going to Tokyo Dome

9. Wow, the scale is crazy

10. Is Tokyo Dome the largest stadium in Japan?

11. IVE is also so popular in Japan. It’s amazing how well they’re doing in Japan even though they’re not from a big company in the first place. In Japan, HYBE and JYP are dominating

12. Anyone can tell that today is April Fool’s Day

13. The princesses are going to Tokyo Dome

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