I’ve never been an individual fan, so I’m curious about people who are individual fans

Either way, each group has their own identity and chemistry from the group members’ relationships, so unless the members are rude or treat another member badly, even when you start as an individual fan at first, you will end up as a group fan

1. I’m not an individual fan either… I like them living together as a group and making music together, so if you’re an individual fan, you won’t like that at all

2. I won’t become a fan unless I like all the members in the group, so I won’t join the fandom if I’m going to be an individual fan

3. I love the group concept, I love the energy that the members show on stage together

4. I always start as a group fan and end as an individual fan,,,

5. They sing and perform together, so if I don’t like the other members, I don’t think I can become a fan

6. That’s right, if the relationship between the members isn’t good, I won’t like them.. If the company doesn’t push group activities but only individual activities, I don’t want to be a fan

7. I started as an individual fan, I bought their album and went to their concert as an individual fan and then became a group fan

8. It’s not that I hate the other members, I just love my biasㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. I started as an individual fan, but then I also liked the other members, so I became a group fan

10. If I didn’t like all the members, I wouldn’t be a fan

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