IVE Rei is taller than you think

IVE Rei is taller than you think

Her face is so cute

Her height ranks 4th in IVE;
She looks small when standing with other tall members


Rei’s height is 170cm…

1. Her face looks so cute. She looks like she is 155 but she is 170

2. Even if Rei wasn’t a Korean idol, I think she would still be a famous model or actress in Japan…

3. 170 ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ She’s really taller than I thought

4. If you are 170 cm tall in Japan, I think you will receive a lot of modeling offers

5. I was surprised that Liz was taller than I thought!!!!

6. This is my first time seeing a Japanese woman with that height

7. The other members are so tall that Gaeul and Leeseo look small

8. Wow, I saw her wearing this outfit in the MV and thought she was so petite and cute, but she’s 170?!

9. If you look at her whole body, she looks tall, but if you look at her face, she looks like she is 155

10. When Rei stands next to other women, she suddenly becomes a model

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