IVE’s 2022 MMA video is accused of being too similar to Red Velvet


If you search for that hashtag, foreign fans are complaining about it

1. I was surprised when I watched the video

2. Why did they plagiarize…? It’s annoying that IVE’s image is ruined overseas like this

3. Isn’t Melon related to that company?

4. Starship is still Starship.. Did they even do it on MMA? Melon belongs to Kakao and IVE belongs to Kakao

5. They plagiarized the music video of the song that commemorates the Sewol accident..? They are crazyㅋㅋ

6. Well, they blatantly copied Red Velvet

7. I’m not a fan of Red Velvet, but I think it’s plagiarism

8. IVE is pitiful. They always work hard, they do their best and endure, but they are always cursed because of their stupid company

9. I feel sorry for IVE

10. Of course, they copied it, but it’s surprising that there’s a huge difference in quality despite the same concept

11. No, it’s too similar

12. I think they should write an apology

13. Why is this group always controversial?

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Lol this group is a bubble. Can’t even think of mv concept themselves


Honestly, who cares if it’s plagiarised?

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