IVE’s dancing skills in ‘HEYA’ DANCE PRACTICE


1. They are all tall and pretty

2. It’s better than any other music show stage…

3. The choreography is good and has Korean elements too

4. Looking at this, I think they need to change the filming director

5. Looking at it like this, the choreography is really good

6. They all dance so well

7. They dance well

8. I wonder if Rei isn’t very good at dancing

9. Liz is so good

10. I only saw An Yujin. She seems to be so good at dancing

11. I like that there are Korean elements in the choreography

12. The choreography is too simple

13. I understand that the choreography isn’t very good, but it’s disgusting that people criticize their dancing skills

14. An Yujin uses her body so well

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