IVE’s group color became ambiguous, the problem with IVE is that they try too many things

The problem with IVE is that they try too many things

In the end, it was Starship’s greed

They tried to get the good out of the princess concept, trot, hip hop concept and easy-listening concept but in the end IVE’s group color became ambiguous

[+163, -186]

1. [+80, -11] If they stuck to one, people will be making a fuss about them doing the same thing over and over again, right?

2. [+77, -10] Eleven = Arab-esque, Love Dive = Europe-esque, After Life = retro, Kitsch = mix pop, I AM = ballad, Off The Record = R&B, Baddie = hip hop.. I like them because they are all different, but why?

3. [+60, -5] If they only did one concept then you guys would say the same things about them. Stop making up these useless reasonsㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+60, -6] Well, you might feel that the song isn’t that good, but honestly, isn’t variety in concepts good?? Instead of getting stuck in one concept, I like that they try different things… That’s why I also like Red Velvet in the 3rd generation so much

5. [+5, -8] Now they are surpassed by Aespa and LE SSERAFIM

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