J-Hope and Jimin visited Jin in the army

Jin’s Instagram update (J-Hope Jimin)

1. Wow… He’s so handsome… That hair… Is his beauty real?….. Wow… … He’s so handsome…..Wow..

2. Wow, he’s the most handsome soldier I’ve ever seen in my life. I think he is one of the most handsome men I have ever seen.. Kim Seokjin is crazy

3. Kim Seokjin is still handsome and cool, I want to meet him ㅠㅠ

4. J-Hope and Jimin visited him, it’s great to see them together

5. Kim Seokjin is seriously handsome

6. After all, if you’re handsome, you’ll be handsome even without hair

7. Seokjin looks healthy. Hoseok and Jimin are so cute and all three of them are pretty

8. He looks good even with that hair

9. Seokjin is seriously handsome.. Both Jimin and Hoseok are cute

10. Seokjin is getting younger and younger

11. Our kids are really pretty

12. He’s handsome and cute

13. Even with black hair, he’s cute and handsome

14. The two of them were so busy, but they visited him, it’s so warm

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Caesar The Great

they need to clean their eyes, look haggard to me.


YOU need to clean your eyes, look haggard to me.


Don’t expect people to look good when you see them with your ass souls 🚮


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seungri is free

aJumma like the usual forced horse smile. fake personality.


why are you telling us about yourself here?
write your biography somewhere else babe


says the one who stans seungri lmaoooo 😂


How are antis faster than fans to comment everytime under BTS posts? What kind of obsession is this? I bet y’all dream about BTS while you are sleeping too. Thank you for wasting your time on my boys ❤️

Anyways these trio is my fav these days I’m glad they posted this 🥺


They look happy and healthy 🥺 Also, when I saw this photo for the first time, I realized once again how fast time flies


Jin looks great, that cut suits him well. I’m glad Hobi and Jimin went to see him, maybe he gave Hobi more pointers on how to do the military salute. 


plz stay safe 💜


Jihope are so precious. I’m happy Jimin is spending all the time he can with Hobi and Jin while/when he can.


It’s not like they’re gonna die doing military service, you’re so dramatic omg


Lick my ass hoe


Do you not have loved ones in your life? No friends who moved away or family went on vacation? You can still miss people when they’re gone temporarily… unless you lack genuine human relationships. How sad. 🙁


Idk about you but if I had to say goodbye to close friends or family for a year and a half I would consider it pretty sad, idk why y’all continue to act like idols don’t have the same feelings/experiences as everyone else

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