Jamboree K-Pop Concert lineup confirmed so far



NCT Dream



Kwon Eunbi

Jo Yuri

MONSTA X Shownu x Hyungwon


Kang Daniel


The event will be held at Sangam World Cup Stadium on Friday the 11th
The live broadcast is likely to be broadcast on KBS

There is a high possibility that it will rain because of the storm, so singers please be careful and perform carefully…!!

IVE is still unconfirmed

1. I worry that 2 hours will be boring for kids who aren’t interested in K-pop

2. I’m worried about the storm, I hope that my idols and other idols will be safe

3. The lineup is good, I also want to go

4. I feel sorry for these idols ㅠㅠ

5. What’s more funny is that each company has a group

6. If you look at the lineup, it’s the year-end awards ceremony

7. Wow, but the lineup is really good

8. Everyone don’t get injured and do well

9. Wow, the lineup is no joke

10. The lineup is good, I hope it ends well without accidents

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