Jang Wonyoung and Leeseo cause controversy over lip syncing ‘Strawberry Moon’ while sitting

“No but ㅋㅋㅋ This is legendary ㅋㅋ Are you telling me they’re lip syncing while sitting? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They really shocked me in so many ways ㅋㅋㅋ”

“As someone who really likes IVE, I’m curious what their company is thinking. I can not understand. Because we’re fans, we will like, cherish and love any side of IVE but ㅠㅠ”

1. Why did they debut as singers?

2. Do they want to be pretty dolls, not singers?

3. Seriously, they’re not singers?

4. So let’s say idol = pretty and handsome dancer

5. What is K-pop? Are they dancers or singers? Why is everyone like that?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Wow I didn’t know they were lip syncing. The sound quality these days is amazing. I can hear their breathing

7. Are they not good at singing live? Why do they lip-sync while sitting?

8. How do you know it’s lip sync? I just don’t know…

9. They are not polite to other singers who come out on stage at the end of the year and to the audience watching

10. What is the meaning of the word singer?

11. I wonder how IU would feel if she saw that stage

12. IVE are so good at performing their own songs live, but why did the company do this?

13. Are they singers??

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Kim Jong Un




spicy spice

reminds me of tiffany and seohyun’s stage lol



spicy spice
Lazy Banana

Which one 👀

spicy spice

What stage? all I can think of is when they and Taeyeon slayed the live performance of Cater 2 U cover while sitting down lol. One of the best vocal unit performance with great harmonization tbh


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spicy spice
WhatsThe Point

Honestly, this is my opinion but I don’t like ive’s vocal colors and the only song I liked was eleven , I didn’t like the rest they released.


For me, I like to listen to their songs but I definitely don’t watch their performance cause I’ll just be disappointed.


Knetz finally opening their eyes? they’re too dumb to notice this late! IVE is really nothing but kakakos Payola daughters


Cry, their songs won daesang i guess someone’s fave can’t relate


You don’t even know who are my favs. My favs have 69 daesangs. Cry about that

Lazy Banana

If you’re referring to BTS, they have 71 now.


Omg sorry missed the count. Thanks btw 🙂


So you’re an ARMY hating on IVE. Got it.


There’s no correlation. And I’m not hating. It’s just the facts. Even if you disagree


Except there is. Clearly you’re upset because the daesang didn’t go to a HYBE group instead. Whether you like it or not, IVE by strictly results deserved their daesang. Maybe an argument can be made this year with NWJNS, but not last year.

And we all know this site is a cesspool of HYBE stans and ARMY. We all know ya’ll hate IVE. I’ve seen consistent haters in articles that have to deal with them. Whether you hate them or not, they’re popular and doing well.

You can all remain upset about that. The girls themselves have done NOTHING to all of you and you’re pathetic by calling them “payola daughters” when payola ain’t even relevant here and you have no physical proof of them manipulating the charts for hits. They had the most issues on MelOn ANYWAY. 🖕🏿

queen 🐝

Lmao you’re saying only Hybe stans and ARMYs are criticizing IVE for this incident bc this site, according to you, is filled with ARMYs but if you go to Pannchoa and Youtube, there is a massive amount of people making critical comments from all fandoms even from gp.

You know how much various people dislike this performance? Wonyoung and Leeseo’s video has 9k likes and 16k dislikes on MBC’s official channel. The steady fancam uploaded by MBC has 5k likes and 21k dislikes and almost all the comments are brutal.

Also yes, IVE totally deserved their daesang, the numbers are on their side but to say that people are criticizing them bc Hybe stans or ARMYs are bitter, pls, what a weak argument. Just go see Pannchoa. Check old IVE/Wonyoung articles and you’ll see the commenters defending them but with this incident, the comment section is filled with kpop stans from various fandoms who say they cannot defend this one.


yeah not going to lie I am a DIVE I love all the members but this really open my eyes I been lying to myself but honestly…..this performance really is (sounds harsh) but it really is sh*t…… :/ ……

be fr

nah not just army hating on them everyone is I am a mamamoo and dreamcatcher stan but IVE really can’t sing sh*t

be fr

just being honest.

Yuck Ew

What is with the stupidity in this response. It’s like you don’t have a single brain cell… as long as you see numbers. You must work in a streaming farm to be this proud


Well knetz have new gg they like now such as newjeans n upcoming yg new gg, its kinda a trend to drag “older” group. People not joking when people said, 4th gen trending gg easily get change like changing clothes.


if you said one of the things they’re now pointing about this group a few months ago,ppl would eat you alive.just like how they’re now with newjeans.their song was meh but few ppl can voice it without putting 7368563 compliments before & after in fear of getting jumped at.they know this wonyoung girl for years,they walked around calling her ✨ talented✨  this whole time.i was thinking ok what’s the talent?i see her everywhere but idk even her position in her gp.turns out the said talent is “being pretty”
when thy’re obsessed with a gp they call any valid criticism hate & jealousy.when they move on to new gp,they would drag that gp for the same reason they called unnecessary hate.


I have nothing against IVE but if they gonna lipsync while sitting on a chair, they can’t sing a shit if they dance. There are plenty of groups who’s starving for a chance, a stage like this!! And is this how these girls used it?? Korean music shows should really consider this. They are huge and popular. But that doesn’t mean they have to give them a stage like this in every fvcking shows while they can’t even sing!


2. Do they want to be pretty dolls, not singers?

retarded question, yall demand perfection for girlgroup. wonyoung work so hard to stay pretty and majestic in her every single breath and yall adore her for that, stop asking for more. if you want them to sing, liz could came but ik yall will fatshamed her till her death. yall knetz are fkin loser

Lazy Banana

“wonyoung work so hard to stay pretty and majestic in her every single breath and yall adore her for that, stop asking for more.”

What “more” are you talking about, singing is literally their job 😭


Both of them also brainless


interesting… admin translates post about ive lipsynching but not about le sserafim doing the exact same on the same day 😕

Lazy Banana

That’s because the reaction to this is so much more intense cause IVE was literally a daesang winner and yet this is the performance they give? And they’re not even dancing smh


Because the admin is a Hybe stan, BTS stan specifically

Lazy Banana

Pannchoa literally also posted the same. The video is also getting tons of dislikes. If you see the dislikes, it’s twice more than the likes count.


Sorry but we already know that le sserafim often sing live even yujin are oprah singer

spicy spice

oprah? oprah winfrey you mean? lol


LSRF ain’t sitting while doing lip


Yuhhhuu …. Lalala … 😂😂😂

Sammo Hung


Last edited 1 month ago by Sammo Hung
Lazy Banana

The comments on the video from both Koreans and International fans are brutal. People keep pointing out how other smaller artists with more talent should have performed instead. The video also has 6k dislikes and only 3k likes.

Frankly, I agree. They’re sitting down and the song doesn’t even have high notes so why are they lip syncing…

stop being so harsh

cus maybe they have period???? like bruh maybe their throat hurt catch a cold like you cant just judge from that you dont know their situation


There is no doubt that Le sserafim and New Jeans are going to devour these girls, this group is too focused on the visuals and not enough on their vocals and dance.


lsf lipsyncs just as much. watch their debut single performances. all lipsynced and they lipsynced at kohaku too


When IVE does the choreographies that Le Sserafim does, we’ll talk. 

spicy spice

lsf heavily media-played with their performance tho.


You’re forgetting that Korea is a heavily looks based society so don’t worry. People will still be tuned in to IVE as long as they keep producing hits like they did this past year. And they’re gonna eat in Japan too. 🤭 Thanks for the concern though.


As if IVE girls are the only pretty idols. As soon as they release a song that the general public doesn’t like, they will be abandoned and their popularity will dissolve like a sugar cube in hot tea. It is their agency that should be concerned. 😉


“dissolve like a sugar cube in hot tea” ahahhah that’s a good take


these 4th gen groups are hopeless. they all explode in popularity over night and then a few weeks later, they’re washed up… (it happened to aespa, ive’s next, then newjeans and on and on).

no longevity.

WhatsThe Point

I have noticed a pattern too, sk gets obsessed with a gg and then after a couple years they drop them.


it used to be years… now they get dropped after a couple of months.

John. Xina

This is what happens when you have 0 talent…it’s not even a hard song and they’re sitting down.

It was bad enough Dive tried to shield them from J nets ripping em up for lip syncing at Kohaku which is a massive no no…but now more?

Have IVE ever performed 1 time love? I’ve never seen it.


Most overrated GG i’ve ever seen. Their bubble will burst soon i fear


like every other 4th gen group…


at least they prettier than all the 3gens like momoland that girl or woozi that short pathetic guy from seventeen or oh but that one girl in itzy is ugly as f*ck

Grace Walker

What’s the point of training to sing and dance at the same time for so many years if you are going to lip sync.

meow meow

i mean im not an ive hater or against lip syncing but it is a bit much to lip sync while ur sitting down 😭

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