Jang Wonyoung criticized for her rude behavior towards Leeseo during Vlive

What do you think of the ongoing controversy regarding IVE’s VLive?

Wonyoung: “I think I wore that when I was recording. Did you buy this?”

Leeseo: “This is actually Rei unnie’s clothes”

Wonyoung: (Confirms Leeseo’s shirt tag)

Yujin: “It’s not the same shirt”

[+1639, -277]

1. [+471, -140] She still insisted on checking the tag even though Leeseo said it wasn’t. She could’ve been a bit sad

2. [+346, -79] Those who say it’s okay… Looking at her face, do you really think it’s okay?

3. [+335, -99] Screw off you Sojang b*tch

4. [+278, -50] Don’t get caught up in the controversy that female celebrities galleries try to spread

5. [+185, -22] But she even did it in front of the camera…

6. [+184, -7] But they’re in front of the camera, and honestly, this is rude… If I were Leeseo, I think I’d cry after the broadcast ended

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