Jang Wonyoung is at superstar level vs Jang Wonyoung isn’t at superstar level yet

What do you think about Jang Wonyoung??

Jang Wonyoung is a superstar, right? Or is she not a superstar yet??

Jang Wonyoung is at superstar level – Upvote

Jang Wonyoung isn’t at superstar level yet – Downvote

[+165, -106]

1. [+50, -9] If you see posts like this, she’s already very successfulㅋ

2. [+45, -10] She could have done better, but I feel she is just getting bigger slowly because her company is weak

3. [+41, -8] If she had debuted under the top 3 big companies, she could have done better

4. [+23, -5] She’s f*cking pretty, Jang Wonyoung is a goddess

5. [+12, -8] If Jang Wonyoung is not a superstar, who is a superstar?

6. [+10, -7] Wonyoung was pretty and lovely as soon as she appeared on Produce 101, so I think she will be very successful in the end

7. [+8, -6] Jang Wonyoung, Jennie and Karina are always the ones who prove ‘Pann-hate = science’

8. [+7, -4] She’s not a superstar, she’s just a star. Looks like there haven’t been any superstars since IU and Suzy

9. [+7, -4] Even if she just breathes, it becomes a hot topic, so she’s amazing

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She’s big but I agree that if she had been in a big company like Suzy under JYP she would have been huge.

Ladyboy lisa

She definitely better than Jennie


You are obsessed with Jennie, you are miserable


And they both better than any of those 7 twinks


Jenslut is better at opening her leg for old white guy lol. And grinding her flat ass on men lol. She will get pregnant by one of them later lol

Last edited 22 days ago by Slutjenlazy

7 twinks? Jenlazy, whorose, stiffsoo, listard, chinGD, ball sniffer kai and who is the other one? Owhh their ugly boss, pedoHyunsuk. Yup wonyoung is better than 7 of them hehehe


It’s kind of silly to think that her company is holding her back because her company pretty much makes her group “Jang Wonyoung and friends”.
Also I don’t know how to feel about this whole “it girl” agenda with Kpop these days where fans really obsess over just one individual member in a group. Kpop originally was a lot about the group identity, synchronicity among members, etc. Maybe one or two people stood out like Yoona and Suzy but it wasn’t like like the fans were fighting to claim the it girl label for that one member. Now there are too many it girls in Kpop it just became overdone and lame. One day it’s Jennie the next it’s Wonyoung. There are better things to care about in Kpop tbh.

Truth speaker

She’s so overhyped. I know she fits K beauty but so many other female idols look far better and are more natural. Like if she was in Hollywood, nobody would look at her twice but Yeji would be everywhere


Who want to look like those flotzy girl lol

Saint Seungri

Yeji top, Wonyoung skeleton flop 🙂


Flop yeji. Nobody know her. Wonyoung is an it girl with dozen of ambassador and cf. She’s doing that while in mid comp while flop yeji is nobody lol

Saint Seungri

Fck u, ur life, that slut wonyoung and her brands 🙂 anorexic scarecrow with botoks head, 0 dance 0 sing, only cringe winks 🙂 ugly pizza eater




Be fucking for real rn. Wonyoung is one of the prettiest idols that has ever existed at this point it’s undeniable.


She’s superstar and organic unlike those from big comp lol

Saint Seungri

Plastic head on thin sticks 🙂


wonyoung is the most loved yet also the most hated 4th gen idol. but that proves the fact she’s so popular


Minji is more relevant and prettier


She’s nobody if she’s come from mid comp lol. Hybe/bts name help her but still cant beat wonyoung lol


Superstar compare to those 7 twinks with flop solo career

Saint Seungri

sorry u are wrong, useless Dishyung doesn’t even have a career 🙂

Last edited 22 days ago by Saint Seungri

She isn’t a superstar yet but she’s only 18. She definitely will be one soon tho.

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