Japan: We’re the #1 country to spend money on BTS, but why aren’t there any Japanese subtitles for the hiatus announcement?

Japan: Why are there English subtitles but not Japanese?

1. They’re crazy, just learn Korean

2. They can watch it with English subtitles

3. But which country spends the most money on BTS? I’m really curious so I’m asking

4. If they like Korean artists, shouldn’t they learn Korean?

5. Don’t they say Japanese and Chinese subtitles will be uploaded later?

6. If you are curious, please learn Korean

7. Should Apple give presentations in Chinese? They are crazy

8. But BTS is a Korean group, why should they upload videos with Japanese subtitles?

9. They’re so weird, they’re obsessed with things like that

10. The BTS members are all Korean, and English is the common language

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