‘Jennie ♥ V’s dating rumors’ A male model explains the man in the picture “It’s not me”

He posted on his Instagram, “The guy in the picture going viral now on Twitter is not me. So you dono’t need to message me any more”

1. They are not fans, but haters? It’s true that they’re dating so both companies didn’t deny it, so everyone please shut up

2. Why are you guys making a fuss about other people’s relationships? Do you guys get money when they date?

3. It’s weird that there are still fans who believe they’re not dating

4. I thought V was sincere and honest with his fans, but he doesn’t have the courage to admit it or deny it…

5. Their fandom is huge, so there are all kinds of people in the fandom.. It’s normal..

6. Why can’t the fans admit it? It’s not like he’s guilty of being in a relationship

7. They’re dating, so stop hiding from reality

8. I’m sure there are a lot of fans who believe it’s not V

9. If it wasn’t V, he denied it

10. I’m an ARMY too, but I’ve never heard of that model before

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