Jennie ’19+ drama’ → Lisa ’19+ nude show’… What will happen to BLACKPINK’s obscenity controversy?

1. Jennie and Lisa’s personalities are like that, that’s their nature but YG has been covering it up all this time

2. It’s a shame to blame YGㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. It seems like they’re doing what they want, so why do fans blame YG? I don’t like YG either, but if this is what happens at the end of the contract then YG can’t stop them, right?

4. They seem to want to shake off the typical K-pop girl group image, I especially feel that a lot from Jennie

5. I guess it’s just their preference

6. I’m so disappointed

7. I feel embarrassed every time I see Jennie’s photos…

8. First of all, I’m so happy that my daughter is not a BLACKPINK fan

9. They know how much influence they have but it seems they have no intention of using it for good, I’m sure there are young girls who daydream while watching BLACKPINK

10. YG is still YG

11. Do they hate idol image..??

12. I’m really not their fan.. It’s their life, so leave them alone.. Why do you guys waste so much energy posting negative comments?

13. Is that something they saw and learned from YG?

14. Why did they throw away their luxury image? Aren’t they also luxury brand ambassadors?

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