Jennie and BTS V spotted on Jeju Island?… ‘Dating rumors’ 3 days after breaking up with GD

1. I thought it was a different person after looking at the picture

2. Who is the person that V accidentally followed and unfollowed before? Isn’t it Jennie?

3. Jennie is daebak, she dates EXO, Big Bang, and BTS members

4. V and Jennie’s agencies had no response so it was confirmed..? Album is coming out, so be careful

5. If that’s true, it’s the relationship between a good man and a pretty woman

6. I’m so jealous of Jennie

7. Isn’t it just a manager who looks like V?

8. V is better than GD

9. After all, his following Jennie on Instagram wasn’t just a random mistake..

10. I don’t know if they’re dating, but this is a beautiful couple

11. Wow, two top idols are dating… Oh my gosh

12. Jennie is really famous, she always dates top male idols

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