Jennie can cover up all the dating rumors with her skills

I can feel how f*cking impressive Jennie is

Maybe because she does her job well… I feel like she’s covering up all the dating rumors with her skills… It doesn’t even affect her at all… Jennie and her fans are fine, no one really cares

[+298, -158]

1. [+106, -9] YG idols are always like that, even during the peak of GD’s career, he didn’t care about the scandals he got himself into

2. [+106, -8] She does her job well and she gives the celebrity vibe, so it doesn’t affect her

3. [+96, -3] But from the start, BLACKPINK never played the pseudo-relationship game and they are female idols

4. [+22, -1] Jennie’s dating rumors are like part of her career

5. [+15, -0] Isn’t that because most of Jennie’s fans are women?

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