Jennie is receiving lots of love from netizens of China

Jennie is becoming a hot trend daily on Chinese platform Weibo for her amazing performance in Coachella. Jennie was the highest trending BLACKPINK member during Coachella followed by Jisoo, showing her great popularity in China. Jennie has received love from a huge number of Chinese locals despite having no promo or show in China.

Despite many desperate ate attempts from the antis, Jennie is still the most popular Blackpink member in China who always trends the highest during events and shows.

Her last appearance in the Chanel event also collected many non fans on Weibo who were praising her fashion sense and visuals.

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purple blood
chitthip and lisa's ender

i know you’re mad that lishag is below jennie who is the most followed member since week 1 of coachella and armys spamming lisa’s ugly mom’s insta comments and you’re hiding behind purple blood username. go back to editing lisa’s achievement.


Jennie is literally older than lisa stfu

cute kiki

why is lisa in it jendogs obssessed with lisa since coachella started, please stop crying for a while

jen hag

jenni is older though she herself said she was a grandma, she’s loose too acording to dispatch.and acording to big jendogs accout lisa is going too viral for their liking that’s why y’all, are reporting her coachrlla videos have sme shame lol

chitthip and lisa's ender

lisa still ugly and he’s daddy is white while her mother looks like a maid.

purple blood

that’s true but jen soul cycle is even worse cause she has stds from all the sleeping around she does that’s why she’s always tired, too buzy sukng every man she meets

Laloser lizard

You literally have 3 different account names here using the same email I’d. Lizards truly are the dumbest



Jimin faq Jungkook in the a$$ 🍑

Why are armpits here?

purple blood

cause ve are afraide jenhore would transmitt her stds to other maale idols, we are spreading awareness about sexual health

Laloser lizard

Shut it lizard. Worry about lisa being misgenderd by the whole kpop community


you are horrible people in the comments even worse than horrible

purple blood

oh look jendogs playing the victim again, are we even surprised


She actually has the least followers and surprisingly Rosé is the most popular in China. Or both Rosé and Lisa are most popular in China. Least popular is Jenny, she only gets talked about when YG buys hot searches about who shes dating. That’s why those “scandals” actually always worked in her favour otherwise no one is interested in her

v my love

she dosn’t have promotions in china???? lol did u forget the stant she pulled on v when she leaked fabricated pics and her bathtub pics lol , such clout hores

Laloser lizard

Are lizards afraid to using lalosers name? Are you ashamed of stanning Mr Lisa?

Laloser lizard

Lizards will have everyone attacking them but still their main priority will be IT girl Jennie

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