On 31st March, 2024 a naver article reported that Jennie will release her solo on June 2024 which one hour later is denied by oddatelier, her own label.

However it has mixed reactions from the fans. Lot of fans were disappointed which lead to some fights among fans. Fans were blaming and cussing her and her team saying she does not care about her own career and they started to lose hope with her. Her fans started labelling jennie’s label as YG 2.0.

Some of her solo fans started to blame her own team and harassed them to the point they closed the instagram comment sections. Few fans come to the staffs’ defence saying they were hired because of Jennie and Jennie is the CEO, have a say in everything.

 In addition, jennie’s variety show Apartmen 404 have reached new low everyday and some knetz commented it is a boring show. Her collaboration with Matt Champion also decreased everyday and flop even though she is the most monthly listener artist on spotify as a female kpop. The streams on spotify is not even 1M even though it’s a new release and fans waiting for her song for five years. Fans speculated that she gains those achievements by the weekend’s help.

Other Jennie fans were disappointed because some jennie fans tend to focus on another member projects and business when they have variety show to watch and a collab to stream.