Jennie shares her love for Sam levinson’s who’s known for his problematic works

Jennie mentioned how she was a fan of Sam Levinson  and his “works” . She also mentioned she met him in person and asked for a role in the new upcoming show “The Idol” and he agreed but what shocks fan is how Jennie agreed with “2-4 lines per episode” Fans are furious about her role. 

In this post Sam Levinson mentioned how his show is based on “r*pe fantasy”. Even though his works from before always contained “90% adult scene 10% plot” this is still shocking. 

Supporting a show like that being a woman herself is getting Jennie in some real trouble. Even though it’s not her first time supporting a r*pist minded person, first it was Alexander Wang who has Allegations of Se*ual Assault. 

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Blinks are delusional for thinking she will be a main character, shes a nugu here her getting some lines its enough charity from Hollywood
This show is predicted to flop big btw and when this happens with your debut, your career its almost over


Do you feel good now that you’ve vented all your hate and envy in this post? Now why not look for something worthwhile to do with your life instead of feeding these narratives on the internet?
It must be really hard to see someone you clearly don’t like being so successful in life and winning so much. I hope you can overcome your envy and put all that energy into something that is really of value.


Army and why they are so obsessed with the girls. I aint see any blinks that watch every single content of bts. Get a life fr


You should visit this site more. Or any social media, really. Blinks are ALWAYS in BTS & ARMYs business but wanna cry and play the victim card when the energy is returned; get serious babes 💀


Honestly this works both ways 
Both fandoms have nasty haters that have nothing else to do but incite hate towards each other 
There is no good or right side in this conversation


Yeah, but there is a difference though, cause retaliating (the thing armys are doing 90% of the times) is not really the same as continously instigating (the thing blinks do 90% of the times), no?

Though I’m not gonna argue with you on this topic because, ngl, I used to have the same view regarding these issues, but well.. Let’s just say I learnt better over the years


I don’t want to argue either but there is no difference. There is retaliating and instigating in both sides. In the same way that there are people that just mind their business and actually support both groups.
Maybe you see it that way because you are in the bubble of your own fandom, but anyone else can see that both fandoms have the same issues


Without the instigation there would be no need for retaliation; so they can’t really be the same, can they?

I used to be on the fence about these arguments and, funnily enough, that’s also the period where I thought armys were completely unreasonable — cause that’s the only side you’ll ever see from said ‘fence’.. And that applies no matter how ‘unbiased’ you think you are.
Because everyone is quick to cry and act like armys committed the worst crime whenever they fight back, making hit tweets about armys harassing X and Y, but no one points out WHY armys ended up fighting back or WHAT caused that response from armys.
It’s funny and sad at the same time tbf

At the end of the day, you see your side and I see mine. Which is why I’d agree to disagree and leave it at that 🙂

Color color stan

it’s not the same cause color color stans are much worse, like they pretend and use the gender card or misogynist card everytime they get called out for their bad behavior but then they happily call twice and othrr 4th gen groups sluts. Imagine being called a slut and a whore for bc you skip a b uglisa ad on Youtube




A post that was obviously made by a person wanting to provoke hateful messages against Jennie.
When it’s the Euphoria actors supporting Sam Levinson everything is fine, but since we’re talking about Jennie of course people are going to find it problematic.
The last part talking about Alexander Wang just proves even more how ridiculous this post is. As if she had ever publicly supported him in this way. Maybe she wore the brand’s clothes, but then again, when it’s Rihanna or CL wearing his clothes everything is fine, but the problem has to be Jennie for you.
Stop being pathetic and support your favorites without throwing hate at others. All of this doesn’t even affect her, but it only shows how sad the life of whoever wrote this post is.


Ppl called out anyone supporting alexander wang including cl


Not really
I’ve never seen anyone post on this site about idols still wearing the brand’s clothes.
But they make a point of mentioning Jennie just to try to build this ridiculous narrative that she supports this kind of behavior, which obviously she doesn’t support


CL got dragged by literally everyone including blinks so i’m not even sure why you’re bringing her up as if she got away with it


*cough supremeboi cough


Cough cough alexander wang. Yang hyunsuk, seungri. Sam levinson, and the listvis endless


BTS members have been wearing Alexander Wang for years now, even after the allegations came to surface. So if you are going to judge her, make sure you hold your favorites accountable too


They aren’t giving him flowers and calling him best friend 😭


And the list is endless? This is ridiculous kkkkkkk
Hide your hate a little better

Last edited 6 months ago by icecreamcake
Color color stan

supremeboi is an employee at hybe that some groups have no vhoice but to interact with but jennie is literally besties with alexander wang oops


You didn’t even try to hide your hate, huh?
Such a pathetic post


Wow grape fantasy? What happened to feminism? Oh right y’all only call your clearly airhead lazy favs feminists bc they wear a bra and twerk on stage yet they do nothing to support women or women’s causes instead they are propped and outspokenly support misogynistic men


You ask “what happened to feminism” and in the next sentence you take the opportunity to attack women for the clothes they wear or for acting free and enjoying their lives to the fullest
Why don’t you stop pretending you care and just be honest about your hate?
Next time try to hide it better

Last edited 6 months ago by icecreamcake

Outspokenly support misogynistic men”? Yeah sure

Color color stan

Color color stans and their gender card but they called dahyun a slut for skipping uglisa ads on yt


Keep lisa out of your smelly mouth slvt twice stan


Even if she wasn’t a “fan of Sam Levinson”, just seeing the plot of The Idol i would flee, that’s just misogynistic.

It's whatever

Lmao the downgrade, seriously. Don’t get me started with Jennie begging for a part in said drama, that’s so pitiful 😭 and just for a few lines 😭 that’s Korean IT girl 🥴


They are same breed 🤣

Color color stan

Now where is blinkpink to defend her bitch lol always on bts posts but can’t come to blackpink post. Maybe she stans am even lower class group eww


Big facts


Karma for twink blinks dog piling yoongi for the JJ sample. Drag ha morrrreeee

seungri is free

Jennie top, others is flop 🙂


I always feel that she’s the most problematic if you compare it to other members. Something wrong with her aura


not surprised

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