Jennie smoking since she was 15 years old?

Blackpink’s Jennie is infamous for her scandals. Just after receiving backlash for collaborating with a child predator, Jennie is again going viral with her new scandal in the K-town. 

This time Korea’s it girl is receiving backlash for vaping and blowing up the smoke on the make up artist’s face. 

Jennie uploaded a vlog on her personal YouTube channel a few days ago and in that vlog for a few seconds there was a clip of Jennie getting her make up and hair done while she was smoking a vape and blowing up the smoke in front of her makeup artist.

Here is the video:

After the video went viral not only on stan Twitter but also on Korean platform and weibo 

One netizen on the weibo claimed that she met a Uber driver who is Korean and the driver asked her if she knows Blackpink’s Jennie and the driver claimed that they went to the same school as Jennie and Jennie used to smoke with her friends at the age of 15. 

Fans also found the old picture of Jennie during Blackpink’s rookie days and Jennie was going through something and beside her was a packet of cigarettes.

Jennie’s fans claim she is breaking boundaries by smoking and she is boss bitch for smoking but some fans claimed if she is boss bitch for smoking then why did Jennie edited out the few seconds of the clip from her vlog

What are the your thoughts on this?