Jennie vs NewJeans, comparing trends on Billboard Hot 100

Jennie vs NewJeans, comparing trends on Billboard Hot 100

NewJeans – 8 weeks
Jennie – 11 weeks +

1. However, if we only look at BLACKPINK’s non-collaborative songs, NewJeans’ record of 8 weeks on the chart has surpassed BLACKPINK’s, right? The song that is considered BLACKPINK’s best record is also a collaboration song with Selena Gomez, so they can’t compare with other groups if they don’t collaborate?

2. The only fair thing is to compare Jennie’s solo songs. The Weeknd is a singer competing for the #1 in Spotify’s monthly listeners. Is it normal to mock a 2 year old rookie group by comparing their achievements to another song? I feel ashamed of everything I see

3. I know very well that you hate Jennie very much

4. Seriously, stop grabbing NewJeans’ hair… Why do you keep harassing them?

5. Again, it’s surprising that both NewJeans and BLACKPINK are doing well abroad.. But why do you live like that?

6. Leave BLACKPINK and Jennie alone.. The comments criticizing BLACKPINK are ridiculous

7. Jennie is amazing

8. Isn’t it The Weeknd’s song?

9. Leave Jennie alone~

10. NewJeans is the one top

-> So why don’t NewJeans collaborate with pop stars?? They can’t do it..

-> But why did Jennie’s ‘You & Me’ fail?

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