Jennie was reported to the Korean Embassy in Italy for ‘smoking indoors’

Jennie was reported to the Korean Embassy in Italy for ‘smoking indoors’

On the 8th, a controversial video of Jennie smoking in the house spread on the online community. This was part of a vlog posted on Jennie’s YouTube channel on the 2nd and this scene has now been deleted.

One netizen said that he submitted a report to the Korean Embassy in Italy. Netizen A said that the location seems to be the Capri Island, Italy and wrote: “I asked the Korean Embassy in Italy through Kukmin Newspaper to investigate. I asked them to investigate Jennie’s smoking indoors and take strict measures.”

In Italy, the indoor smoking ban took effect in January 2005. If you are caught smoking indoors, you will be fined up to 250 euros (about 370,000 won) per cigarette. If you smoke in front of pregnant women or children, you will have to pay the fine twice

1. What is she doing~ Is it so difficult for celebrities to maintain their image????

2. The staff is even more pitiful. They can’t wear masks or show their displeasure publicly

3. What a shame for the country…

4. First of all, she really doesn’t care about other people

5. Seriously, smoking indoors is not allowed in any country

6. Please don’t smoke indoors. She is so rude

7. Seriously, celebrity images are completely created by the company. It’s shocking that Jenny did that..

8. Maybe it’s because I’m an office worker so all I can think about is editor ㅠㅠ I feel sorry for the editor….

9. It won’t affect her much, but I feel sorry for the editorial team…

10. Wow her personality is not what I thought, her acting skills are crazy….

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