Jennie’s new song became a big hit on the charts after only 10 hours of release

#7 on Melon Top 100, #3 on Melon Hot 100, #3 on Genie real-time chart

The only promotion was an announcement two days ago and two photos, and it was a fan song that was released a year ago

#5 on Melon Top 100

1. The song is so good, I hope she performs it on stage too…

2. I think she can get 1st place if she performs on music shows

3. This is my first time watching it, I like the song and performance

4. Jennie is amazing

5. The song is good and the choreography is also beautiful

6. I really like this song

7. I really like the song, it’s suitable for the weather, Jennie is pretty and has a good voice… Daebak

8. I like this song, I keep listening to it

9. I love this song, it’s perfect to listen to it right now

10. It was even released at 1pm on Friday

11. I love the song so much

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