Jeon Somi picks 3 female idols with the best looks

Jeongyeon, Joy, Minnie

1. They don’t look alike but have the same vibes!!!!

2. I guess sexy female idols are her favoriteㅋㅋㅋ

3. She likes slim and handsome girls

4. I heard that Joy is so pretty in real life

5. I really want to see Jeongyeon in real life ㅜㅜ She’s so pretty, but in real life everyone says she’s skinny and pretty and Somi says the same so I’m curious

6. Minnie has a pretty face and her facial features are amazing

7. They are cool and handsome

8. She likes girls who are tall and have good bodies

9. It seems she has the same taste as me

10. Somi, you have the same taste as me, I guess it’s our fate

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