Jeon Soyeon causes controversy for revealing her unbelievable income

Jeon Soyeon “Highest monthly income? 1 billion won… ‘Tomboy’ ranked 2nd on the Melon annual chart

Young Ji asked Soyeon how much she makes

Young Ji was shocked when Soyeon revealed that the most she had received in one month was ₩1.00 billion KRW (about $723,000 USD)

Soyeon then explained that it wasn’t something that happened every month, and she’s even had times when she has only earned $100 for a month

1. Wow… I guess idols’ income is beyond my imagination

2. I feel like celebrities make a lot of money too easily

3. As for Jeon Soyeon, doesn’t she make more money because she composes the group’s songs herself?

4. She is a musician who releases a lot of her songs every year, but what do you mean when you say that she suddenly became a celebrity and made money so easily?

5. I’m so jealous of her

6. She has so much money, she does nothing but compose and earns hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties

7. If you think she can make money easily, why don’t you try it yourself?

8. Doesn’t Jeon Soyeon really make a lot of money with her own abilities?

9. She plans everything herself, from singing, dancing, coming up with ideas and even producing the costumes

10. Because Jeon Soyeon has royalties, her income will definitely be larger than other idols

11. Jeon Soyeon’s copyright income seems to be huge

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