Jimin fanbases caught buying spotify streams again

The fanbases of BTS member Park Jimin has caught buying spotify streams for the idol again. Ahead of his much awaited solo album ‘FACE’, the fans of the singer found themselves dealing with the illegal method.

On March 3, jimin supporters allegedly brought spotify streams for “VIBE” his recently released song featuring Bigbang member Taeyang. 

However, fans within the army fandom were perplexed after the strong showed an increase of +934.4 K in the streams on March 3 resulting in a total stream of 2.8 M.

However, the song didn’t ever enter the global spotify chart, despite having 2.1 M streams when the lowest no of streams to enter the chart was 1M. 

Despite the common argument spotify streams cant be bought, jimin fanbases including @jimin_africa was caught admitting that spotify streams can be brought few years ago. The infamous GC was running by Jimin fanbase @PJM_Data was also previously involved in similar stream buying allegation for his previous releases including Filter and Serendipity. In a exposed conversation, the fanbases were caught approaching ‘songlifty’ and other ways to buy streams to inflate the singer’s spotify streams.

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They need to do this because his solo is a flop and no one wants to hear that song because it’s trash.


you must be hearing your fav’s song hence why it’s trash then cause not even a highlight medley is out yet


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500 playlists group plz stfup


trust me the only trash songs here belong to your faves only! and for sure you will listen to his songs because you are obsessed with him 😚
jimin is successful you are a flop

Saint Seungri

HAHAHAHHAHA all their streams is cheating since debut 🙂 btASS worst fake group with worst fandom ever, that fan pigs cheating with their every releases songs albums, all that shit. FAKE

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keep screaming about them being fake while bts continue to get their money while zero for you cause you’re jobless as hell since you’re always the first and the fastest person to comment everytime a new post is uploaded 😪


BTS are sucking money up from their cult-like fans, not from normal people.

Normal, mainstream people are completely unaffected and don’t care about BTS.

“A fool and her money are soon parted.”


oh you’re talking about yourself rn


Yeah selling out 80,000 seat stadiums in both LA and Las Vegas for multiple nights in a row (only what a few artists like Taylor Swift can do) was also faked. They were mostly robots there right and not people? Troll better.

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you stan criminal seungri 💩
know your place


You can always trust the pannkpop freaks to be here faster than armys themselves, a job is needed 🤌🏻

Anyways. Jimin coming to end yall’s dozen faves in a few days and I can’t wait to see how yall will scramble trying to find new ways to discredit him lmaoo IT BOY behavior fr


You talking about yourself? Hahaha funny it’s like describing your own self


Second article where you’re all up in my comments, if you’re obsessed with me just say that lovely ❤️

Taste that savage

Face flop just like his face 😂


I promise you don’t wanna get into this discussion cause you’ll be once again crying about me being ‘misogynistic’, zip it and move along friend 😘

based misandrist

whatever keep sucking his small 3cm peen korean women are rejecting the men so they need desperate ifans to help increase birthrate


For a “based misandrist” you sure are obsessed with talking about dicks cause I swear every single one of your comments revolve around them 🧐


3cm peen = lisashiddenpenis


Jimin fans are mostly pedofiles tbh.


Not your weird, obsessed ass again 🤢 Free BTS and ARMYs fr

Ladyboy lisa

Blinks spreading lies as usual, when we clap back they crying play victim 😭

Faggot Pigmin

That’s probably akgae from one of the BTS members or a shipper. I promise you, Blinks don’t know where those data came from but go off, blame blinks again.🥰 We’d love to see more of these drag receipts.😂


It’s a blessing for us blinks then. We can do whatever we want to bts members, yall won’t blame us anyway~

Faggot Pigmin

Right. Whether we drag them or their akgaes and shippers drag certain BTS members, Blinks still get blamed anyways.

based misandrist

probably made by other btass akgaes but here you are obsessed with blackpink and dragging them into it


Talking about yourself obsessed with Lisa, lying about her and crying when your fav got the same treatment. KARMA is b!tch. DESERVED. 😅


What karma lmao. No bts member gets dragged by millions on tiktok or weibo like jenwhore


FUGLY RATMON is literally a laughingstock on Facebook, he got dragged by locals for his hideous face which got tens of thousands to half a million likes. Imagine winning the MOST HANDSOME IN THE WORLD title over Henry Cavill.


Open your fucking eyes its the same shitty taekookers making up lies to try and put down jm. Ever since the wc vk fans have been attacking jm. If we actually fucking did something abt this jm wouldnt be getting attacked every week


this post must be coming from other bts akgaes like idk guys , I don’t really understand these people tbh, they keep fighting each other and at the end blaming ot7 armys on their beefs like what the fuck 😭


Armpits were crying when jisoo outsold that hagmin they tried mass buying his albums but got exposed 🤣

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Hagmin while you stan a bunch of hags yourself is hilarious actually 😭 Get a job miss BlinkPink and stop obsessing over BTS


Go buy more album 🤣


say this to yourself 😚 I mean how desperate bp were in Sep ????
the poor girls were begging people to buy their 3$ album 😂😂😂


Speaking on buying “more album” when your girls’ “biggest gg” title stands purely on your twink fandom mass buying and YG’s wallet…

Like be so astronomically serious and start worrying about those dozens not being able to fill arenas 6 years into their career, MOVE 🥰


Buying albums is the least of our worries, we’re constantly being fed with new music.. They’ve consistently outsold your IG influencer favs.. Go beg for a comeback and some decent music🥴😂


Jin already surpass 1mil album with single album. I am betting jimin gonna be alot more higher. Worry your girls who rely on her akgae in china to buy on ktown4u only. Wont be surprise if her sales actually lower than lisa.


outsold where? 😂 bp were begging people to buy their 3$ album lmaoooo
know your place


18 versions fans plz don’t talk about bulk buying


Its funny blink hyping ktown4u sales when its really doesnt reflect overall sales. Watch it only gonna be similar with lisa sales or lower.


How is it “featuring Tae Yang” when it’s Tae Yang’s song and it’s Ji Min who’s doing the featuring?

Saint Seungri

shut up. it was jimin who wrote the song and directed the music video. taeyang asked for a feat because he has no money and everyone forgot about him


Everyone forgot about Seungri while he rots in prison. 😂😂 Everyone in BB has more talent than him.. That’s why he had the least amount of lines.. 🤣


let’s get this straight it’s taeyang ft. jimin, not the other way around

Saint Seungri

ahahhah watafak stupid army upvote this post 🙂
don’t understand sarcasm stupid faking animals, braindead 12yo children of sluts

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Say whatever you want but this whole thing is shady. And they always do this whenever other artists want to break Jimin’s record or when they want Jimin to beat other artists’ record. Funny how the streams drop 1.6m after that. You can’t tell me that this is normal.

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Lmao. Even they know he will flop


b!tch jimin is about to hit 1m preorders 😂 stfup

based misandrist

big preorder number small dick


you talking about lisashiddendick. obsessed withdicks just like jennie


This is just stupid we all know that this is fake!


Then can you explain the sudden increase and decrease in his stream? And also why Vibe failed to re-enter the spotify global chart when the required stream is much lower?

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WhatsThe Point

Probably because I have seen playlists of solo stans where they haven’t used 2-3 fillers in between focussed playlists and have looped the songs. These streams will get filtered, no wonder it didn’t enter global Spotify


‘Then can you explain the sudden increase and decrease in his stream?’

Hmm, let’s see. Though it may seem foreign to yall since you freaks are more obsessed with BTS than actually putting in work for your faves, there was a new release called ‘on the street’ by j-hope & j.cole; normally when armys have what we call a ‘streaming party’ new releases and songs that need to touch certain goals are also added to the playlists, therefore boosting their streams compared to an usual day.
Jimin also got Promise and Christmas Love added to his Spotify profile, therefore there was also a separate streaming party happening for those as well.

You bitches are so fcking stupid it’s actually insane. The most laughable thing about this whole thing is the way yall try to play smart.

At this rate yall gonna have the shock of your lives when VIBE’s streams will ONCE AGAIN increase when Set Me Free Pt. 2 and FACE as a whole will be released.

Last edited 20 days ago by stfu

The increase started since 2/3 which is one day before on the street came out? Do you have streaming practice before hand? Also why only his song affected by this, why not Wildflowers or Arson or More? The last two are more related to Jhope.

Last edited 20 days ago by Purr

Now see… I would’ve hoped you’d at least know how these streaming platforms work since you have no problem speaking on this topic.

The streams differentiate from day to day: depending on the number of people streaming (this number naturally increases on release days), the type of focused playlist each person picks (while some picked strictly Hobi-focused playlists, others picked OTS+Wildflower focused playlists, others OTS+Dreamers focused playlists, and others OBVIOUSLY OTS+VIBE focused playlists, and so on and so forth) and the way of streaming – which will ultimately affect the filtering rate.
Hence why all streams constantly increase and decrease.

Looking at VIBE’s numbers before and after the period yall claim these “bought” streams came in [which you can’t even do unless 1) the artist has a collab with Spotify and the filtering is close to nonexistent OR 2) the label does payola for the artist; which you’d see through ads and increased playlisting], you’ll see it’s literally perfectly HUMAN behavior.
02/27 – 1,073,227 (=)
02/28 – 1,236.462 (+)
03/01 – 1,032,318 ()
03/02 – 1,971,800 (+)
*03/03 (OTS release day) – 2,867,833 (+)
03/04 – 1,253,179 ()
03/05 – 1,178,667 ()
03/06 – 1,806,472 (+)
03/07 – 1,188,632 (=)

All the information I mentioned is there for everyone to see and if anyone was truly curious about this whole thing, they would’ve properly done their search.
But yall don’t care about all that.

You are just purposely looking for shit to stir since it involves Jimin and for some reason yall made him kpop’s punching bag, so anything related to him is automatically questioned and booed simply to satisfy yall’s witch hunt.


Pls. Im an army too but its obvious jimin fanbase bought those streams. Jhope is the one releasing not him LMAO. Even jhope cannot get those much increase for his other song during new release Its impossible for the streams to increase that much in one day. Plus, more than 1.8M streams but couldn’t charted on the chart while #100 only got 1M? It’s obv LOL


Bitch I’ve seen your other comments, you’re no army. Be so astronomically fucking serious.

“Jhope is the one releasing not him” say you don’t know how armys do shit and MOVE, inserting yourself in conversations just to showcase how stupid you are is insane.

“Plus, more than 1.8M streams but couldn’t charted on the chart while #100 only got 1M?” the “army” acting as if this is the first time Spotify has acted shady towards BTS and their members. Yeah, of course.

‘Buying’ streams is not possible for fans. And it would affect several days, not only a certain day. This is not YouTube.
Go learn how shit works before dumbly inserting yourself in a conversation where everything was already explained with actual numbers instead of conspiracy theories.


There could be a lot of reasons for changes in streams.

During new song releases the streams of older songs tend to increase a lot. On the street, Promise and Christmas love were released just a few days ago so they very likely boosted the streams.

Looping and badly organized playlists can lead to big Spotify counter numbers while only a small portion gets counted for the charts. Spotify is known to be very unforgiving when it comes to filtering.
I don’t know if it’s even possible to buy streams on Spotify, but some people were also saying that antis could be looping/buying streams for a song on purpose so that they could make posts like this to try and sabotage the album release. We all know that akgaes and BTS antis are willing to go this low anyway to defame them so that theory can’t be left out.


BTS are not popular in the mainstream.

They just have an insane, cult-like fanbase who buy and stream EVERYTHING they do.

Every release they organize bulk buying and streaming events and then pretend that the numbers BTS pulls are natural and indicative of mainstream success.

Uh, no.

They are like the Insane Clown Posse of kpop – just a weird music subculture that normal people don’t care about.

Color color stan

Seoul cycle fans at it again smh

shein version of disqus

pannkpop thriving off deadbrained fanwar freaks omfg this is like koreaboo but like. cheaper and filled with trolls

Last edited 20 days ago by shein version of disqus

Army always blame blink while you’all are public enemy in kpop industry🤣


Oh shiver me timbers; whole other level of delusional if you think armys give a fuck about the ‘kpop industry’ and their opinions lmaoo

Though maybe we wouldn’t have to “always blame blinks” if yall weird fucks wouldn’t spend your time trash talking BTS and armys more than you talk about those 4 dozens yall supposedly stan


Oh really but army always camping on bp even sluthamming them unprovoked including you lol
You said dont give a fuvk but when there is someone said that exo or other group sing better than your 7 lil dicks, y’all mad as hell
Army are just bunch of brainless pathetic ass that aging at 50’s scrolling on social media without any jobs


And will continue doing so since you bitches don’t know how to hop off BTS’ dicks, now what? 🧐

Miss me with your victim complex bullshit, as if yall don’t do the same shit to Bangtan; look at these comments and the state of you weird freaks!! Always talking about morals but yall wouldn’t know them if they hit you in the fucking face, get serious.

Going from talking about the comments to talking about vocals, like huh?? Are you mentally challenged?? Always bringing those fads up when they specialize in lipsyncing for a living, don’t piss me off.
As if they’re some vocal gods when not even their fandom is listening to their shit anymore. There’s a REASON why the majority of these 4th gen groups have more monthly listeners than they do.

Last but not least, before taking about being brainless on the internet look in the mirror, twat. Until then do continue proving us that DozenPink do, in fact, make music for stupid people 😘


Lol see this is why army are worst
Slutshamming when y’all are women even most of you are grandma without job. I wish the worst for your faves. I pray most of them died in the worst scenario


Aw, how dare armys give yall the exact same energy you have for BTS? 🥺 Oh no 🥺 Shame on us 🥺

lmaoooo gtfo

Same goes for the dozens you stan, lewser. Praying for the worst to happen on them Seoul cycles, mhmm~~ 🥰


Beware of what you wish girlie, wishing something worst or dead to ppl who didnt do anything wrong to you……this curse can be thrown back to you, ur fav or ur loved one…


not you writing a long ass paragraph. What a waste of time and effort 🤣


Took me as much ‘effort’ as it took you to answer to my ‘long ass paragraph’ 🧐

Last edited 20 days ago by stfu

blonk is the pioneer of this


it’s TaeNoseCock shipper. Check Twitter #outJimin. They posted those SS


Fkn hate solo stans. This is why i block them and report them for spam. They sabotage theor own fav…but also its not just jimin fanbase, its other kpop solo stans. Like lisa and the like. The label also pays for prime playlisting and for every stream no matter if you have premium or not to be counted as premium. So thats inflating numbers as well

Faggot Pigmin

BTS akgaes and shippers are at it again. Go off, keep bringing drag materials and receipts here in Pannkpop.❤️


Probably made by taekookers the same ones who drag seoul cycle jennie lmao. We too can stalk lisards and the way they slutshame jennie or drag the other members


Do it, as if y’all don’t slutshame BP on daily basis anyways. Faggot Pigmin is giving heads to bang PD as we speak.


Every single time you speak on Jimin DozenPink get a new STD from being passed around like the usual Seoul cycles they are.
Don’t piss me off rn cause if yall want to get disrespectful we can do that real fucking quick.

Yall been pissing me the fuck off with these comments cause if we start doing this shit on every single BP related article (the way you freaks do with BTS) yall gonna be crying about armys being mIsOgYnIsTiC and hAtInG sUcCeSsFuL wOmeN.

Go apply for a job, you clearly do need it, lewser.


Nj does this even more blatantly. So heckle nj and then bp.

WhatsThe Point

Idk abt buying streams but I’ve seen solo stans with huge playlists with 2k likes looping the songs, and no fillers💀 ofc those streams will get filtered and it won’t enter the global Spotify chart if y’all do that.

Solo stans are the biggest antis, jm solo stans will stream cake waltz over songs jimin has contribution in lmao

Ladyboy lisa

Blink talk about cheating as if their faves not caught sl**p with some CEO 🤣

based misandrist

this is coming from someone who stans a bunch of gigolos sleep around with their fansites and execs bts’ nasty hotel rumours got cleared up thanks to your fandom




And pajamas have the audacity to blame jungkook stans in this. Why would we spend money for jimin??? Our priority is jungkook


I don’t know but BTS akgaes are known to be very nasty and insecure about other members’ song and album releases. Especially maknae line solos. This would not be the first time for maknae line solos to sabotage another member anyway.
A lot of people saw Jungkook solo stans mass tagging spotify about Vibe’s streams immediately after the streams were revealed with many ss. They were so quick to point it out that it honestly seems suspicious.
Also the fact that you, a jungkook solo stan, are here shows that you clearly care about it.


Jungkook stans have another goal for streaming. Why would they waste their time and money on Jimin? Even armys pointed out the weirdness of his streams and tagged spotify asking why Vibe did not re-enter the chart.


While would jk solo do that while they got other jk songs to support too? Why would they increase other people’s streams? Your logic is ridiculous. Even army questioning vibe got lots of streams but couldn’t enter. It is too obvious with that much increase of streams in just one day and couldn’t charted. Dont put the blame on other people when jimin’s fanbases are the one buying streams here


F*ck off Pannkpop. Posting posts by antis almost daily now.


It’s Pannkpop AGAIN being a Jimin/BTS anti! You have been posting negative “user posts” so much in a short period of time.
Akgaes of the other members (apparently mainly Jungkook and Taehyung solo stans) and BTS antis have been trying to spread this for days now. Your little tricks are not going to work and it just shows how insecure you people are about Jimin’s album, which is going to be huge. Armys will always support the boys!


I’m not even an Army but isn’t this harrassment at this point? Pannkpop keeps on posting these anti posts specifically targeting Jimin who is about release an album soon.


second fandom already here in replies stalking bts as always

Last edited 20 days ago by TRANSGENDER LISMAN

Why are blinks so up in bts business armys shouldve camped on this too

Taekook forever



Vibe didnt re-entry global spotify with +900k streams bcs is had big % of filtred streams. Nothing new with kpop streams. Like Butter had 20M streams in first day but only 11M on global Spotify.
Promise enteried on global spotify for the first time, 5 years after release with over 1M new streams. If old Jimin’s song enteried global spotify but a collab with other artist (which fandom hate Jimin and BTS) doesnt maybe its not armys problem? 🤔 Its normal that armys pay attention to stream BTS songs in good way but collabs arent that important for charts especially when BTS has new releases in the same day.


Promise got 1M streams bcs it just got released. Not sudden increase like vibe with 900k (1.9M total) but couldn’t enter the chart. The sudden increase is suspious. For butter case, it is the FIRST 24 hours ofc the traffic is high (some of them dont follow the rules) thus the filtering is high. It’s normal for new song but vibe was released in jan but suddenly increase a lot in ONE day. Its too obv


if this is taeyangs song, wouldn’t that mean that yg is buying the streams?

(btw neither situations are true bc you literally can’t buy spotify streams)


I usually listen to BTS solo releases but the past 2 years I haven’t done that so his fans buying streams makes sense. The music is getting boring, the members are losing their fame, the fans are panicking because they can’t surpass other artists on the US charts and are urging people to buy…


U dont think other member’s fanbase bought streams. There’s nothing suspicious with their streams, just with jimin. I think only jimin’s fanbase bought the streams as their increase in stream is really suspicious, bcs they want to compete with other members.


I dont think other member’s fanbase bought streams. There’s nothing suspicious with their streams, just with jimin. I think only jimin’s fanbase bought the streams as their increase in stream is really suspicious, bcs they want to compete with other members

PJM Reports

Guys, we have a pjm report group where they get the IP address of anti’s slandering jm. Specially if it’s extreme that needs to take action of and can be sued legally. They are providing a set of legal team to take this issue on. They have already arrested 2 jm antis. Please reach out to pjm_report regarding this matter.

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