Jimin fans were found planning to plot a scandal for BTS Jungkook

Recently a group chat full of Park Jimin akgaes was exposed for malicious plotting against BTS Jungkook and wishing ill on rest of the members.

Not only International PJMs but K PJMs are known for widely hating on other members since as early as 2016

PJMs are also widely known for bullying journalists, Content creators or translators. 

Jungkook fans were trending “Protect Jungkook” to amplify the issue and to raise awareness against cyber bullying that other members face due to immoral akgaes on BTS’s own sns platform weverse where members are more likely to see the hate directly. 

BTS are known to speak up against bullying, so it’s very sad to see one member’s fans hating on his brother.

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It’s really embarrassing that you’re posting this here. All groups or artists have solo fans who hate another member. But when it comes to BTS or Jimin, you post immediately. just sucker stuff again to a bts member, I’m not surprised 🤡

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I bet if this was an article victimizing Jimin you will be here commenting how little meow meow dont deserve it… but ofc its not about ur bias so its not important.


It was revealed that it is jungkook’s own stans who were faking that group chat. U ppl r obsessed with jimin, previously u trended a derogatory hashtag on jimin’s Birthday now this after seeing jimin’s birthday was successful. Truely u ppl are obsessed with jimin. Bighit should take this matter seriously. First V stans did this fake thing to get jimin hate, now jungkook stans too. How obsessed u all are shame


U pathetic losrr hating on ur own idol just to bring hate to jm! Shame on u


ofc If it was boy you would have said something else but since it’s Jungkook oh this is normal and there is no need to exaggerate it I wouldn’t be surprised if you show ur boy son the victim too this time damn u free jungkook


Pannkpop is a known jimin anti. U will find not a single positive post abt jimin. They are taekook biased. Now u can imagine why they posted jk akgaes’s bs


idk all akgaes esp maknae line akgaes are just terrible in my eyes , like I don’t really mind if you solo stan a member but 99% of the time , they end up spewing hate on other members from the same group too , calling them some sort of terrible names . The other day I saw maknae line akgaes on kside also ganging up on Tae when that whole fiasco over PFW hence all the negative posts on Pann about him all day and all week like you’re all the same to me .


admin, just shut down your trashass site kthxbai


But every group has severe akgaes, yesterday you also posted about bp members’ akgaes and now bangtan. Seriously, what’s the point of posting something like this here? let it be an internal matter for their fandom and agency to handle this matter. please don’t post anything like this anymore because it only invites haters and antis to bring them down.


The admin here is very pro-BTS and Hybe idk why people are calling her a hater.

As a non Kpop fan I dont understand why people stan groups just to become akgaes, dont they realise all their fave idols are too weak or untalented to become soloists like IU or PSY? Jimin wouldnt be popular as a soloist, he’s popular in BTS because Jungkook and the others made BTS famous just like Jimin helped make BTS famous with his dance skills.

This is also why China doesnt have many idol groups like Kpop, Chinese people don’t like stanning groups and prefer soloists to stand on their own 2 feet. Chinese fans prefer to stan a singer or idol who sings for 4 minutes or does their own stage with backup dancers than to stan a group with akgae fights over which member is stealing whose limelight and who cant sing but wants to be the centre. Frankly Jimin is not a good singer and wouldn’t make it as a soloist, same goes for a few other BTS members, their akgaes should learn humility and not put down other members when idol groups are basically 5-10 weak vocalists riding on 1-2 people who can sing to make millions. Most idols only have visuals, some can dance but their fans still have the temerity to shit on the members that sing or think BTS deserve Grammy awards when they barely write or struggle to sing a 4 minute song on their own.

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you writing all this will not make you less of a loser and jimin less successful 😭 he is well loved and talented and has contributed to bts wide success and has been a factor to why people stan (jimin brought me in during blood, sweat and tears) his streams and sales are great and all his solo songs are successful 💗


??? I’m just a neutral commenting on Kpop as a whole and I don’t even listen to BTS or care about Jimin because they are before my time…..

Stop crying, Seek help and Get a life, Jimin doesnt even know you exist. Idolising someone manufactured by a company on the other side of the world is lame.

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Jimin did not manufactured by company like other six. Jimin trained himself, company Didn’t provide him any lesson.he is born talented


Also, if Jimin could debut as a soloist, why didnt he? Why dont most idols like Yoona debut as actors instead of becoming idols first? Many Kpop fans don’t understand that idols only become idols because they are weak singers or not talented enough to make it as a solo act. Many young idols slowly gain confidence to debut as a solo singer later (they also have akgae stan support that way) or earn enough money slowly do surgery and debut in acting but the fact remains they originally didnt get selected by Kpop firms to debut solo or didnt have the looks or skills to become a successful child, teen, or adult actress.

If a singer could perform solo as well Ailee, IU, Chungha, PSY, why would they need to be in a group? Wouldnt they be better off and richer as a solo act without having to split screentime or endorsement earnings with 7 other people? Kpop fans should accept that **ALL** idols need the help of group members to make it as entertainers, none of them were strong enough to debut as solo acts. Akgaes need to realise Jimin is way more grateful to BTS including Jungkook than their little brains can comprehend.


this post is not made by the admin , everyone can create their own post here . If it’s the admin , the writer of the article will be shown up as ‘Admin’ instead of kookiechip124 or kpopbuzz


That group chat is proven to made by jungkook stans and jimin carried bts, no matter what u try to derny but without jimin bts could never succeed and jimin willa always be succeed without bts. Now as they r into solo projects so other stans started making fake issues to get jm hate cz they knowe jimin will be the most successful soloist


This so-called jimin akgae gc was debunked today. The so-called jimin akgae account is acting like an inactive jimin biased account. The rest are taekook shippers and other akgaes trying to bring hate to jimin, not the other members. This website has done a lot of shady stuff to jimin but this one really tops it. Clearly admins are taekook shippers of biased and they are really showing their true colors time to time. What can you expect, this fandom is infested with taekook shipper trash. Let’s see if they will show the same energy whenever those trash pull something disgusting against jimin which happens daily.


Its so funny seeing Jimin akgaes crying in the comments? they openly drag jk and his MOTHER AND FATHER DAILY. Whats so surprising in them forming a gc? Plus it was already proved they korean psychos were behing the Jk false backdoor ad ergosement thingy. If yall not greaks stop defending freak behaviour? Very weird.


Jobless akgaes downvoting every comment: please get a job and a life! Thats why nobody love you and all your lives consist on hating on pretty and successful people.


Jobless akgaes faking gc, hating on their own idol just to get jm dragged. Hope karma hits jungkook soon.


The hell did jungkook do? Separate the artist from fans🤦‍♀️ jungkook doesn’t deserve karma because he’s a good person. Gtfo nasty akgae


Maknae line akgaes are all vile, with no distinction between them but I still feel pity for Jimin tbh. The hate he gets from taekook shippers on a daily is something else, plus the disgusting names he gets called is just appalling.

It’s fucking Kpop. At the end of the day, y’all are all pixels on the internet. You close your phone and face your life, and before you know it, at an unaccounted for time, you expire. Take time out of your day to do things that will be beneficial to yourself, your soul and others instead of rabidly hating on successful people on the internet. They are there living their life and achieving things for themselves meanwhile some idiots are hating and incurring negative karma on their heads for people who don’t fkin know you and will never know you. Isn’t that pathetic?


pjms are the ones spreading false rumors they were behind spreading rumors about jk brother and they were exposed, but army are silent abt them, pjms are the worst fans ever they give bad names to the members they spread false rumors about them they try to distort members image bc they rely on their relationship with some media and news sites in Korea


Oh plz stop Jungkook’s own fans were revealed to make that gc to get jm hate.u all even trended that derogatory ht on jm’s bday, and that add thing was Exposed by kmedia, even after busan concert jk’s brother were advertising using jk. Meanwhile it was jungkook stans who stole jm’s mail and sold that to media. U are making fake gc to hate on ur own fav just to get jm hate. U all r so obsessed 🤮


ya se descubrio que eran los mismo fan de jungkook con las taekook, dejen de ridiculizarse


Esta pagina de twitter @ProtectJK0901 siempre es lo mismo, agrega unos tweets sin verificar, deberían leer primero antes de lanzar acusaciones fuera de contexto.

No quieres aceptar la realidad que el 95 % de las ARMYS son taekook y siempre viven delirando porque no son capaces de salir de su burbuja de pervertidas y toxicas.

Revisen su material para que observen la cantidad de taekook que tiene agregada par de enfermas

carmen teresa

los pjms no son enemigos reales, los solos de jungkook están haciendo el trabajo por nosotros arrastrando a su familia


Pueden hacer lo que quieran pero el tormento tuyo es JIMIN y como el no hay DOS


las ARMYS son taekook pervertidas y toxicas.


this is crazy bc jimin and jungkook are one of the closest pairs in bts lmao


That group chat is made by jungkook’s own stans to get jm hate.

hate akgae

pjm stan has ugly heart and a hypocrite just like their fave.


That group chat was exposed to be made by jungkook’s own stan. Like u are ugly disgusting just like ur fav. Leave jm alone freks


Maknae akgaes really are disgusting. They always pointing finger at eo & at eo throats. Cn they go to an extinction already? I wish only those who have their own bias bt still respect the other members left in the fandom. Saying this as a Park Jimin bias & a Jikooka. And to those akgaes that saying Jikookas are mostly JK bias are totally wrong. Just like how Taekookers are Tae bias, Jikookas are mostly Jimin bias. Most JK bias aren’t really into shipping JK. They want JK for themselves. Sometimes I felt bad for JK especially when JM & Tae vile akgaes went crazy, he got dragged for this. And I felt bad for Tae too, he got the most akgae out of all members so his vile akgaes were the loudest. Thanks to this, he got dragged by other members stupid akgaes especially JM & JK akgaes. And that’s not what he deserves. Ofc as a JM bias, I pity JM the most. Got dragged for every single interaction with JK by toxic Taekookers. May all the rotten akgaes in the fandom perish. Amen 🙏


Stop cosplay as jimin biased,most jikookers are jungkook biased,and most jungkook solos are taekookers. When jm gets dragged jikookers nowhere to be found but when jk gets dragged suddenly they appear. Jimin stans never ship jm with anyone specially with jungkook who is always rude to jm and bullies jm. Now It’s also revealed that group chat is made by jungkook stans. Their hate for jimin is bigger that their love for jk. Seriously u all Leave jm alone


Most jk biased are Taekookers and most jikookers are jk biased. Most armys are Taekookers. Jimin is alone only had pjms and locals.


나는 7멤버 모두 사랑하고 응원하고 싶지만 지민은 예외다.노래 못하고 못생긴건 둘째치고 그팬들은 최악중에 최악이다. 지민악개 모든멤버 괴롭히고 거짓루머 만들고 이간질시키고 진짜 이판에서 영원히 사라져야할 기생충들


It’s was exposed to be jungkook fans who were cosplaying as jm fans in that group chat. The hate they have for jimin is bigger that their love for jungkook


It was already proved that that was jungkook stans who made to whole group chat. Jungkook stans are the most disgusting breed. Hope they get their deserved karma soon

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