Jimin using combined streams to reach #1 on Global Spotify

JIMIN of BTS recently released his solo debut “FACE” with title track “Like Crazy.” Though, very quickly after release, fans were quick to note that the track’s streams on Spotify were linked to the English version of the song. Usually for two tracks to become linked, they have to be the exact same song, based on IRSC code, but this wasn’t the case here. 

After a few days, the track went on to reach #1 on the Global Spotify Chart with 6 million streams, but the very day after reaching it’s peak, the streams of the Original version and the English version were unlinked, causing “Like Crazy” to fall 13 spots to #14.

Twitter users were quick to call out the artist and his label for using combined streams to manipulate the Spotify chart during his debut week. 

Fans of JIMIN, though, alleged sabotage from Spotify, saying they didn’t want him at the top anymore and putting the blame solely on unsubstantiated dating rumors being Spotify staff and another K-pop artist. 

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Ladyboy lisa

Breaking news!! Rose caught with Spotify CEO at Hotel together. We believe they are just friends spending private time together at the hotel. This action does not represent any payola that Blackpink received 😂😂😂


Ladyboy?? Lol
Lisa is a woman just like Taehyung and Jimin

on top

tae & jimin are men just like lisa

mother dozen

SNOREEEEE who cares? yall are so threatened by him and he’s just getting more successful. excited for stiffsoo solo! one of us has to be since yall have been focusing more on jimin than her, poor tree 🙁

Color color stan

Oh the haters mad their girls had to sleep with jeremy wheb jimin did it all by himself 😂


you: it was revealed to me in a dream


unbiasedPRO and the pro is gone cause look at how you create your paragraph for this made up article like where is the format 👤 throw away the word pro and take this time to learn about doing an article from google instead of crying about jimin on pannkpop


BLONK AGAIN!!! Just say that you hate BTS and go…such a long winded and useless words you wrote.


Still doesn’t change the fact that hybe does fraud for his flop solo

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27 versions stans plz stfup 😂😂😂


Payola and favouritism

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= your faves


Are yall not bored of the same topic every other day atp? Just to get debunked every single time? Like give it a rest 🙄


Jimpig and twinkhyung are still women ask them to join gg 🤣

Last edited 8 months ago by BlinkPink

2 + 2 = fish. Instead of begging for attention on the internet by acting worse than a middle schooler, try to get a grip of yourself and be serious for oncee


All same song with different version is always count as one in billboard n spotify since long time ago. Like lil nas old time roads, he collabs with various artist with different genre in same song, or savage love by jason derulo, and BTS moc drop original and feat with steve ak, dynamite etc.. all versions is always count as one streams n download. But the version will write on chart is the version that got highest points among the versions.but so funny people acted this is the first time a two versions from same song count as one or they legit being ignorance

Last edited 8 months ago by Ryuuna

Imagine being a Blink, like your girls have a million Spotify deals, 17 album versions, were begging fans to buy on Instagram, are being kept afloat by China bulkbuyers and industry plant status, and you still try and come for Jimin. 😭 like aren’t you tired??????


A flop is Flop.. 😉

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flop = bp


I just know stiffsoo solo will be mid, as always, it’s their concept after all. The only thing the go all out is the budget so they can mediaplay it out 😌

WhatsThe Point

Breaking news: jeremy eleich is in south korea hanging out with yd usa ceo


We know what that means. Jimin doesn’t need the ceo of spotify, unlike a certain girl in a certain group who can’t sing or dance. 


Inorganic achievement yikes

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= bp 😋

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go to sleep suzy!


Blink twinks are so jobless that they cry about Jimin being successful on pannkpop LMAOOOO


The way people are threatened by this man is absolutely hysterical lol. Ya’ll are just mad that he beat your fave idols and is making history as we speak.

He’s literally doing what others are doing minus the radio support and payed playlisting, which a lot of other idol groups are doing BTW. Spotify merges songs automatically based on a few factors.

It’s not his fault that he is successful and making records everywhere while ya’ll and your faves stay as nobodies.


So he was the one sleeping with Jeremy, makes sense.

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