Jimin’s hate train has gone too far. I have a challenge for antis

Kpop fans, in particular Jungkook’s solos and Blinks, followed by Army and V’s solos, and then the rest of the kpop community, have a deep deep deep hatred against Jimin.  Jimin is the member that attracted BTS first fans, with this acrobatics, he then stole everyone’s attention in Save Me, gagged everyone on the cover of Perfect Man, enchanted the whole world with Blood Sweat & Tears and here all fandoms still team up to lie about his talents, posts after posts.

Keeking, liking and sharing hate articles, while their own faves’ praise posts don’t get 1/4 of the engagement.  It’s pathetic. 

Akgaes claim Jimin ”tanked”, yet they shared misinformation and out of context screenshots to prove how his achievements are fraudulent. What achievements? I thought y’all said he tanked! Then let him be, why are you so obsessed with a failed artist?

The reason why you think his accomplishments are not genuine is because you are very well aware that he achieved incredible things without any promo, and if you’re an army, you know he very likely achieved those milestones without you either. 

Yes, Jimin has no company push, nor Army support, but he has a large, strong and dedicate fanbase that loves him to pieces because of the beautiful artist and person he is, and we work very hard for him, no cheating involved.

Filtering rate happens when you have no playlisting, BTS had the same problem, and a certain member solos should watch their mouth when their fave has had HIGHER FILTERING RATES DESPITE HUGE PLAYLISTING. But most of you aren’t here for the music, you’re here for the drama. 

There is so much talk about mental health in the kpop community. Every time an artist is attacked fandoms come together ”he/she’s human too, the hate train is toxic”, but then the very same people treat Jimin like a punching bag, something existing just for you to throw your frustration at it.  And yes, some Jimin fans do hate on other members and artists but there is no comparison as you can see on the engagement of this website, among twitter posts too. We don’t gather under every single post.

Some of us have tried, I bookmarked some many lies to go back at the right time and to serve them some worm Jikarma, but then I let it go instead… most Jimin’s solo want to see their timeline full of Jimin praise-posts and Jimin performance clips. If no hate was fluctuating our screens, you would not see any Jimin fans talking about non-Jimins. 

I know you think we started the fanwars and all the lies your side keeps telling you, so I have a challenge for you. Don’t mention Jimin (nor directly, not indirectly) for ONE week. If you see a Jimin’s solo attacking your fave ( 0 followers, one day old accounts don’t count, so don’t wast your time) don’t say anything, keep the receipts and at the end of the week, you can unleash the bomb. Let’s see if we can put all the hate to die.

The challenge starts now. 

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