Jimin’s Spotify Milestone Highlights Army Jealousy?

Jimin has recently achieved a significant milestone in his career by surpassing 1 billion streams on Spotify with his song “Like Crazy,” making it the 613th song to join the Billion Club.

However, the celebration from his fandom, ARMY, wasn’t what one would expect. In fact, Jimin is not the first BTS member to achieve such an accomplishment; in October, Jungkook entered the club with his song “Seven.” ARMYs had organized streaming parties since its release to push the Seven to 1 billion, and when it finally did, they celebrated with immense joy.

However, Like Crazy’s road to 1 billion wasn’t as smooth. The few streaming parties never came without the boycott by other members’ solos that was often left to succeed thanks to ARMYs disinterest, disinterest also proved by the small number of ARMYs taking part in any initiative related to FACE.

Now that the song has finally hit 1 billion streams, numerous accounts took the day to express their desire for all BTS members to achieve such milestones, with tweets garnering thousands of likes and new pages emerging dedicated to this cause. But one question lingers: Was it necessary to divert attention away from Jimin on the day he stepped foot into this exclusive club?

This is not the first time ARMYs wastes no time to make Jimin’s accomplishments about other members. Last year, when Jimin debuted as a soloist, ARMY derided those who thought he could hit the #1 spot on the Billboard chart, deeming it an unrealistic expectation for a BTS member as a soloist. Yet, when Jimin defeated all odds and topped the chart, the discussions centered on how other members could definitely reach #1 too, shifting once again the focus away from the history maker singer.

Not long ago, ARMYs unified on Deezer’s X page, expressing dissatisfaction with the streaming platform’s gratitude toward Jimin’s solos for streaming his music on their app. They claimed that Jimin’s only fandom is ARMY. But, would Like Crazy have actually reached 1 billion streams in a little over a year if his only fandom were the same fans who consistently divert his spotlight to praise and hype other members, and can’t appreciate his talents and achievements without the thought of ‘if he did it, then others can do it too’?

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