JISOO caught lipsyncing on her inkigayo stage

SBS INKIGAYO released the Jisoo stage performance for her song Flower 

but fans noticed quickly the mic hanging low and her lip-syncing for a Pre-recording stage .

her performance was carried by  the camera work and  back dancers



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lmao 😂😂😂😂


I honestly can’t figure out what it is she’s good at. She can’t sing, her vocal tone is just terrible and even ruins Blackpink songs. She can’t dance. Even with a bunch of back up dancers on stage with her she looks incredibly awkward. She can’t act, her drama was a flop. When it comes to visuals she isn’t even outstandingly pretty. She looks very bland and you can find idols 10x prettier in nugu groups. Honestly, her visuals are only hyped this much because she’s a member of a popular group from a big 3 company.

She should thank God everyday that she was able to debut with Blackpink.


It’s because she’s able to become rich and successful while being entirely mediocre like this why this “essay” is justifiable. My dream in life is to also freeload my way through everything and not have to worry.

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mediocre like what? its not that hard to understand that her stage in inkigayo is a prerecord. LMAO dumb loser tryna bash her meanwhile all of the idols that went there also lipsync for their stage


She is a holdout of the 2nd and 3rd gen of the completely useless visual member, bring nothing but her face, which is already out of trend anyway lol

fake u

ykw how about u try being her b*tch, literally u say that she isn’t good at dancing when ur not even able to do half of what she can, u say she can’t sing or her vocals are bad but u can’t even do half of what she can and she is a mezzo soprano who can go into soprano cord and has the most stable vocals in all of blackpink which is why she always does most of the carries in the high notes when rose just does it shorter but jisoo drags it’s length more, and she is infact multi-talented, she can rap, dance, and sing very well not to mention that she is super pretty and even more gorgeous in real life. u say that it’s her luck to debut in blackpink, babe, hold on go check out some facts before sh*tting ur mouth out on internet. And since toxic b*tches like u always been talking about her dance in performances in concert and stuff like go catch a train hoe, did u ever see their dance performances like go watch them if not before talking, she can dance really well, and their stylist just always gives jisoo uncomfortable corsets to dance in which is why even tho she tries it just doesn’t show unlike the other members, the last stylist was biased for jennie but still gave everyone outfits that were at least comfortable to dance in, this new one just gives everyone outfits to dance in but jisoo. the fact u gonna drag ur fat and lazy ass out here just to call her out because u fucking can’t walk ur lazy ass is just embarrassing and all the idols lip synced in inkigayo stage unlike live performances and plus jisoo WAS the one who sang this song so even if she lip synced does that matter? no bc it’s not live performance, it’s for promotion, and she still sang it at the end of the day and that’s all it matters. LIKE GO BACK AND TRY AGAIN B*TCH CUZ U GOT NO SH*T. hating on people out here without knowing sh*t like if i was u i’d go back and try again after getting my facts right babe bcuz u ain’t ate sh*t if u think u did sum bc i do hope u know ur fake ass sh*tty opinion does not matter and no one cares about it.

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colorcolor is overrated

jennie the seoul cycle

my favorite lipsyncing queens hit again lmao go dozensoo!!!!! give us nothing!!!!! out there singing with her chin and neck, talented queen!!!!!


talking about jeremy’s “boyfriend” but not worrying about his cum dumpsters blackpork? aw.. worry about the payola his ass is trying to do for those dozens


Blonk is at it again! The one who entered the hotel w/ Jeremy oppar is not Jimin. As far as we saw, Jeremy oppar is your fav boyfriend. I get it maybe its for payola stuff so your fav can be seen as “popular” in the US.

Ladyboy lisa

Are we surprised?

Ladyboy lisa

Pretty sure rose the one having private session with him at hotel 😂

uga uga

Are we supposed to be surprised?


..that jimin cant sing? No


Nah…this post is not about army, but do go on. We don’t need to drag this Jisoo when she already dragged herself. Jimin might be has bad voice day, but his any other LIVE performances were good. He’s a great dancer and music producer, singer-song writer too. Unlike your Jisoo. Tell me at least ONE THING she excelled at! Singing? No. Dancing? Absolutely NO. Acting? BIG NO. Producing her own music? No No. Modelling too is no. Because she’s not at the level of Supermodel..


As if we dnt know this user post come from a ratmy🤣🤣


So ? do u see I said that I’m not army? and you lame blonk? 😂 with almost zero talent idol, I get it that you need validation so much.


So you agree? He has a bad voice lol

blackpork the seoul cycles

jimin eating up your girls with his “bad” voice but you wanna speak on him….. REST ABEG 💀


Hahahaha….here comes the fans of army😂. If we are what you claimed, then you are only jobless hater who resort to write hate comments to compensate your sad sad life. Is there no one who loves you in real life? Must be pathetic!

We don’t need to prove anything! Your Jisoo can’t sing. Its a well known fact tbh. Her dance is terrible too. As for acting? Just watch her cringe acting on drama. Ugh…don’t need to see it anymore.


can’t be caught “struggling” to sing when you don’t sing to begin with i’m afraid :/

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Well she sang her solo live for their tokyo dome yesterday. so in conclusion, jimin still can’t sing

shut up fuck off

in conclusion you’re obsessed with the pretty, successful boy while that monkey of yours, mother of dozens, has to lipsync in order not to embarrass herself and the (other) BP members who actually have an ounce of talent in them


They are dik obsessed


jimin and lipsync don’t go in the same sentence i’m afraid. the fact that his vocals are crystal clear during the performances but you wanna talk and compare him to hagsoo who is apparently talented enough to sing with her chin 😂😂😂


The 3 Koreans of the group are always a disappointment. The non Korean carrying the weight of this group on her tiny shoulders… this group would be another yg flop without Lisa…

Foreign fans stop promoting this bullshit.


She is useless idol who is privileged to the extent she is able to debut in yg with 0 skills. Yg is home of talents they say, but I doubt after seeing this dozen. She looks awkward while performing. She is a dozen.. Many idols can atleast perform and good at dancing but this girl is bad at everything. Yg has many talents but they chose to give solo to this stiff. A foreigner carrying this group. She should be shameless to jz be a weight to the group. Why does she roam around fashion shows while she is this terrible?? She needs to practice imaoostop dreaming that u r equal to other 3 girls


Not her fault your fave failed audition to the big 3


Other 3 girls auditioned, i heard lisa beat 3999,rose beat 599, jennie auditioned too but where is jisoo audition clip?? She didn’t audition, she got her place because of her father


lmaooooo go cry about it. Jisoo audition clip is in their docu loser. Not antis so invested in bp business lmao


I am her performance skills r terrible. She is famous because of other 3 girls carrying that name of group especially that foreigner lisa. Jisoo is biggest dozen in kpop. Trust me, she is not good to be visual too. Other win that title too. She acts like a newbie first time performing on stage counting the dance steps

Berry Island

And no one will make a fudge about it in Korea. Bp girls have just that privilege. However they caught lipsyncing, dance unprofessionally, have embarrassing interviews, it just kind off get kept under the rug. Yeah some videos, some international fans talk. But it is just overall talked less. Even the videos i swear some get deleted.

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