Jisoo, Kim Yuna, and Suzy, who posted promotional photos for Dior’s fashion show at Ewha University


Kim Yuna


1. Jisoo is so pretty, I like her vibes

2. Suzy is so pretty, that style suits her so well

3. Yuna’s pose is really cool

4. Dior seems to like luxury + princess vibes, the three of them suit Dior so well

5. Wow, Suzy’s face is crazy.. I really like Suzy’s last picture

6. Kim Yuna is seriously coolㅋㅋ Suzy’s unique atmosphere is really the best

7. Wow, Jisoo’s nose is crazy

8. Suzy is so… so pretty… She looks like a doll ㅠㅠㅠ

9. Wow look at Suzy’s face.. genius face

10. Kim Yuna is amazingㅋㅋ How can she look classy and glamorous even though she’s not a celebrity?

11. Jisoo, Yuna and Suzy are all so pretty

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