Jisoo-yah, why? Netizens are disappointed with Jisoo for dating Ahn Bo Hyun

Jisoo-yah, why?

I was shocked when I saw that Ahn Bo Hyun didn’t even hold the script himself

I was so disappointed, Jisoo-yah, it’s Ahn Bo Hyun who subscribed to Kim Yong Ho channel

(Kim Yong Ho, who has been often criticized for starting rumors about celebrities in the Entertainment industry)

[+770, -81]

1. [+300, -23] What’s she doing when she has all the beauty, fame and wealth?… It’s true that she has no eyes for men… Jisoo could have done better

2. [+245, -19] I think she has no eyes for men

3. [+230, -17] Jisoo-ya, let’s meet someone better. There are many men who have better personalities than Ahn Bo Hyun

4. [+183, -13] I’m not a fan of Jisoo but I was shocked. Jisoo could have done better. There are so many other actors, why?

5. [+162, -33] They’re in the process of getting to know each other, so I guess she doesn’t know it yet

6. [+126, -2] My impression of him is so bad

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