Jisoo’s Flower is out of US spotify after two days of its release, Lisa is still the most successful BLACKPINK soloist?

Jisoo’s Flower is out of US and only charted two days on this chart. On the second day it dropped to #158 and on the third it left the chart,BLACKPINK’s Lisa is still the member of her group with more longevity in the charts.

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Jisoo has voice I can’t stand to listen for a long time


Even the intro is hard to listen to


You should listen to pigmin voice. Its more terrible. Its sound he being kicked on his ball

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And dozen stiffsoo still left the chart & not a million seller on 1st day released despite having so called 1+millions PRE ORDER 🙈🤭🤪


Jimin can’t sing live but do well in recordings but jisoo just can never sing well and and even worse during live with her nasal voice 😭


Good thing about western fans, only having visual not enough to brainwash their ear to listen the song again n again.


Pretty sure they dont have ear. Pigmin song got 1st when its horrible. The voice is more terrible


Have you never heard of jisoo singing?? Forget live singing, the girl even sound annoying in recorded songs 😭

Ladyboy lisa

🤣🤣🤣 everyone knew they only got SEA farm


Another obsessed 2nd fandom

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They need main fandom 1st

Ladyboy lisa

Those SEA fans should use VPN while stream 😂😂😂


Pigmin stan are hilarious. Hes voice are more terrible and he cant sing live lol


Midsoo tease

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The mother dozen stiffsoo can’t neither sing nor dance, can’t even act properly. The only thing she good at is being triple worse


Lisa song is loved mostly by westerners. She is really consistent since 2 yrs. And no one could break her records. She is QUEEN. it’s funny how u all thought a visual can beat a queen. Lisa song is full of skills she had. While jisoo mv is an dior ad. There’s a lot of difference and people don’t care about face outside korea. U have to show some talents in mv to get hit

lalisalove me

well it is expected since she cant sing or dance 🤭 lisa is blackpink’s beyonce

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