JJKs and their delusions concerning Jungkook and BTS

Toxic: poisonous, very harmful, or unpleasant in a pervasive or insidious way.

What has the BTS fandom become and why has it reached such a high level of toxicity? Many fans of the biggest group in the world have been wondering and asking this question since Chapter 2 began. Many fans also wonder why solos such as JJKs have been allowed to continue to spread their toxicity throughout the fandom. If you visit Twitter often, you may have seen the following trends above making headlines yesterday which began to trend thanks to JJKs. While the reasoning for the trends is unclear, one has to wonder if JJKs know anything about the person they claim to stan. Jungkook has made it VERY adamant about what his members mean to him, so why in their right minds would JJKs see fit to trend such disgusting words, essentially harming Jungkook?

JJKs have been known to say some of the foulest things regarding Jungkook’s members, and once again, one has to wonder when the fandom, the fandom that BTS has shown immense love to, band together to rid itself of such disgusting and annoying people. 

2025 will be here sooner than we know it and hopefully, by then a cleanse will have occurred.