Journalist pictures of Pledis’ rookie group ‘TWS’ who debuted today

Jihoon (Korea)

Kyungmin (Korea)

Hanjin (China)

Dohoon (Korea)

Youngjae (Korea)

Shinyu (Korea)

1. There are no visual members

2. Shinyu looks like Stray Kids Hyunjin

3. They are Pledis’s next rookie group so I hope that they will do well

4. They are all cute, right? I’m looking forward to the stage

5. I think Dohoon, Youngjae and Shinyu will be so popular

6. I thought about this before, but none of the visuals caught my attention

7. Looks like a small to medium sized idol group

8. I guess their skills are good

9. Why did they put Chinese people there?

10. Shinyu looks a bit like Hyunjin

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