Journalist pictures of the 6 NMIXX members today after Jinni left the group

They went to Japan to attend AAA

1. I’m curious why she suddenly left the group

2. No, we don’t know if JYP kicked her out or she wanted to leave the group, but why are you guys cursing at JYP?

3. JYP seems like a scary company

4. It’s scary because it’s like nothing happened… What’s wrong with the rest of the members?

5. Jinni is the standout member, I’m really disappointed

6. The fans are so pitiful, they must be going crazy because she suddenly left the group

7. Why did she leave the group?

8. I still can’t believe that NMIXX doesn’t have Jinni.. Looking at that picture, there’s something empty ㅠㅠ

9. Does anyone know what happened?

10. Please tell me why she left

11. Is Jinni a popular member? I’m a muggle, I’m asking because I really don’t know

12. I still can’t believe that Jinni left the group

13. They look empty

14. No, at least JYP has to tell us why, they really have bad manners

15. Seriously… I can’t believe it…

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It’s a shame that she left, honestly. i’m not a fan of NMIXX, but I can’t help but wonder and hope that she is okay, because it’s just so sudden. Especially with everything the group has lined up.


She has really stand out visual with sweet smile. Wish her chosen path may bring her happiness.

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