JTBC wrote in the subtitle that a fan switched from BTS to NewJeans

“Switch from BTS to NewJeans” JTBC finally corrected the subtitle… What about the apology?

On June 30, JTBC reported on NewJeans entering Tokyo Dome in Japan through ‘This News Now’. NewJeans’ fanmeeting held at Tokyo Dome on June 26 and 27 was a weekday event but tickets for all shows were sold out, proving NewJeans’ huge popularity

During the broadcast, JTBC aired an interview with a fangirl waiting to enter the concert hall. This fan said: “I like BTS, but now I feel a bit dangerous” and reported: “I switched from BTS to NewJeans.” It became controversial

Netizens think that JTBC’s explanation of the interview is wrong. This doesn’t mean ‘my heart has changed from BTS to NewJeans’ but ‘I like BTS the most, but my love for NewJeans has also reached a dangerous level.’

1. I really feel sorry for Bangtan

2. Did JTBC, who loves HYBE more than anyone else, write it like that for no reason?????????

3. Leave Bangtan alone

4. Are the people criticizing BTS or NewJeans stupid?

5. They said that it was NewJeans fans who asked for the correction in the first place, but why did the reporter try to turn it into a fandom war?

6. Please leave Bangtan and NewJeans alone

7. I’m a fan of both BTS and NewJeans so this situation is really annoying

8. Why is there so much fuss about NewJeans’ Japanese activities?

9. I think a lot of Japanese BTS fans go there because they like NewJeans

10. It’s JTBC’s fault but why are you criticizing the fans?

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